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12 Stunning Trails For Horse Riding In Wyoming
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Are you absolutely in love with horse riding? Do you enjoy going to horse trails? If this is the case, this blog post will be very informative. Here, in this guide, we will inform you about some of the best horse trails in Wyoming. 


So, if you live in Wyoming, you can go on any of the below-mentioned trails as you desire. We have enlisted some of Wyoming's most popular horseback riding trails for your information. Now, let's get started with it:

Top-Rated Equestrian Trails In Wyoming

1. Titcomb Basin Loop

Titcomb Basin Loop is a 37.6 MI loop trail in Pinedale, WY. With an elevation gain of 5,459, you are expected to take around 15.04 hours to complete this trail path. The trail passes through lakes, flowery meadows, ponds, and dense forests. 


A lot of people prefer visiting this area for world-class camping and fishing. If you love scenic beauty, then this place can be absolute bliss for you to see.

2. Anson Lake Trail

Located in Mc Kinnon, WY, Anson Lake Trail is a beautiful out & back horse trail. This trail is 15.8 miles long, and it takes an estimated 6.32 hours to complete this path. With an elevation gain of 2, this popular trail is well-suited for horseback riding, walking, and hiking. This trail is again known for offering good views, wildflowers, and wildlife throughout the season.

3. Lous Lake Pine Loop 

Lous Lake Pine Loop is a 10 miles trail path in Lander, WY. It takes an estimated time of 4 hours to complete this loop path. This recognized trail path possesses an elevation gain of 1. It is a moderately challenging horseback riding, camping, and off-road driving route.

4. Eaton Ranch. Cattle Trail

Eaton Ranch. Cattle Trail is another fantastic loop trail path in Wyoming that you can consider. Located in Wolf, WY, it is a 14.6 miles loop that requires an estimated 5.84 hours to accomplish the overall course. With an elevation gain of 3, weekdays are the ideal time to visit this destination. It is because, on weekdays, you can enjoy a quiet trail ride. 

5. Kelly Trail

If you are looking forward to visiting a one-way trail, you can consider the name 'Kelly Trail.' Located in Kelly, WY, you are assured to be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of this incredibly fantastic place. It is 7.7 miles long and takes an estimated 3.08 hours to complete the route. 

6. Laramie Loop

Situated in Laramie, WY, Laramie Loop is a 5.5 MI loop trail path with an elevation gain of 709. On average, it takes around 2.2 hours to cover this whole trail route. 

7. Shoshone Loop

Shoshone Loop is a popular trail path in Pahaska Tepee, WY. This trail is considered ideal for walking, hiking, and horseback riding. With an elevation gain of 407, you will need an estimated 0.96 hours to complete this 2.4-mile loop. Again, you will most likely come across many other people while exploring this fantastic trail path. 

8. Red Canyon

Red Canyon, situated in Wolf, WY, is a 16.7 miles loop trail route that has an elevation gain of 2. You are expected to take around 6.68 hours to complete this beautiful path. 


You can consider paving a visit to this place at absolutely any time of the year. So, irrespective of the season, you are assured of getting incredible views that will offer much-needed relaxation every time you visit.

9. Red Buttes

Red Buttes is another popular name in our list of fantastic horse-riding trail routes in Wyoming. The 2.0 MI loop trail path is situated in Red Buttes, WY. With an elevation gain of 105, you will take around 0.8 hours to complete this trail path. 


Not only horseback riding, but you can also come to this place to relish its natural beauty. So, based on your liking, you can walk, hike or ride horseback here in Red Buttes.

10. Cabalgata Trail

Cabalgata Trail is another recognized 9.3-mile one-way trail route in Wapiti, WY. It takes an estimated 3.72 hours to complete this trail path. Also, it possesses an elevation gain of 2. 


If you visit this place during the weekends, you will have to come across a huge crowd. However, if you love solitude, it would be best for you to go on this trail during the weekdays.

11. Compton And Millets Lake

Compton And Millets Lake is the next name in our detailed list of the most amazing horseback riding trail paths in Wyoming. This trail has become a popular destination for equestrians who love exploring new places often. 


Located in Burgess Junction, WY, it is a one-way 11 miles route with an elevation gain of 1. Also, it takes an estimated 4.4 hours to complete this trail path. The best part is that you can pave a visit to this place at absolutely any time of the year.

12. Big Horn Trail

The final name in our list of the best horseback riding trail paths is Big Horn Trail. It is an 8.5-mile one-way route situated in Kane, WY. With an elevation gain of 1, you will take around 3.4 hours to accomplish this route. You can relish the amazing beauty of this place at any time of the year, making it one of the hot trail destinations in Wyoming.

In A Nutshell

After reading this blog post, we hope you have gained clarity on some of the best horse trails in Wyoming. The above-enlisted ones are some of the most notable equestrian trails in Wyoming that you can consider for your next trail adventure. 

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