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4 Fantastic Beaches for Horseback Riding in California
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California is renowned for its stunning beaches, and for equestrians, the opportunity to ride along the sandy shores is a dream come true. Here are some of the best beach destinations in California for horse riding.

Ten Mile Beach, located north of Mendocino, is considered one of the top horse riding beaches in the entire United States. This picturesque beach spans three preserves that serve as protective measures for the coastline. As you ride along this rugged and unspoiled stretch of coastline, you not only get to enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Ocean, but also witness a plethora of incredible wildlife. From December to April, visitors have a unique chance to witness the migration of the Gray Whale. At Ricochet Ridge Ranch, guided trail riding tours are available to enhance your experience.

For a romantic beach horseback ride, head to Santa Barbara Beach. Santa Barbara Beach Horseback Rides offers trail rides along the stunning beaches of Southern California and the coastal bluffs. The secluded beach provides breathtaking views, creating an unforgettable experience for horse riders.

Situated amidst rolling low hills, Montara State Beach is a popular spot for surf fishing and exploring tide pools. Horseback riding is welcome at the Montara mountain, also known as McNee Ranch, beach area. You have the choice of bringing your own horses or opting for a trail ride at nearby stables such as Sea Horse Ranch and Moss Beach Ranch.

Morro Strand State Beach, conveniently located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, is a must-visit beach destination. It offers windswept beaches and dunes with magnificent mountain backdrops. The beach is teeming with diverse plant and animal life, making it a fascinating place to explore. Plus, visitors are welcome to bring their horses and enjoy a scenic ride along the beach.

These California beaches provide equestrians with the opportunity to have an incredible riding experience while taking in the beauty of the coastal scenery.