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5 Adventurous Horse Camping Sites To Explore In Southern California
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Do you like adventure? We decided to start the new year by planning outdoor entertainment! Taking a well-earned break from life by going on a horse camping trip. 


If you're an enthusiastic equestrian, you consider horses your closest pals. We would bring them everywhere if we could! You can bring them along when you go camping! In Southern California, we found some fantastic horse-friendly campsites. 


There is no location like Southern California, where inland coastal woods and sun-kissed beaches are abundant. However, the region is also renowned for its sweltering heat, particularly in the late summer. Swimming activities range from Sierra lakes and hot springs to Malibu beaches and swimming holes. There is an aquatic experience for everyone, and these campgrounds will keep you cool while you enjoy the outdoors. 


Horse camping is a pleasant outdoor sport for equestrians who like the great outdoors that mixes sleeping under the stars with unlimited trail riding. The breathtaking scenery of California offers a variety of horse camping options around the state, from rustic sites to full-service amenities. 


So, here are the best horse camping sites you can tour in Southern California.

5 Dreamy Horse Camping Spots In Southern California

Their magnificent scenery, which includes mountains, forests, and beaches, makes for the most picturesque horse trail rides. 

  1. Horseshoe Camp

The Inyo National Forest is home to Horseshoe Meadow Equestrian Campground. Lone Pine is the nearest town, and Mount Whitney, the tallest mountain in the contiguous United States, is also nearby. There are ten drive-in campsites at Horseshoe Meadow, with a maximum of four heads per site. Each comes with a hitch rail and a horse corral. These amenities are bear-proof storage lockers, vault toilets, a fire ring, and potable water.


Pull trailers cautiously because the road leading to the campgrounds is curvy and hilly. And be aware of the climb; the grounds' final elevation is just over 10,000 feet. Additionally, it is situated in a bear-active location, so take the appropriate safety measures, such as putting food in bear boxes. 


Due to bad weather, this well-known horse camp is open only from June to October. All campers, however, are required to register at the campground; bookings cannot be made in advance. A night of camping costs $18.

  1. Lake Perris Horse Camp

Southeast of Riverside in Southern California is where you'll find Lake Perris. Seven horse campsites with fire pits, picnic tables, and two horse corrals are available at this state-owned campground. Horse watering troughs, potable water, and chemical restrooms are available for horse camping. Eight people and two horses can stay at each campsite. Campers may choose from the general sites at the camp or make reservations in advance. 


On weekends, expect large queues at the check-in gate; if you want to escape them, go to Lake Perris during the week. 


Riders can reach the 9.1-mile Lake Perris Loop Trail from the campground, which passes lovely rocky slopes and wildflower fields. Less than 5% of the trail is uphill; however, there are certain places where it gets steeper. Less than 500 feet of elevation are gained in total. 

  1. Bridalveil Creek

There are three horse camping spots at Bridalveil Creek Campground in Yosemite National Park, and each one can hold up to six people and six horses. Campers must remove horse dung after their trip. Fire pits, picnic tables, and food lockers are amenities found at campsites. 


Take the Buena Vista Crest Trail to Royal Arch Lake for a multi-day equestrian trip of 30 miles. Riders can access the park's trails from Glacier Point, which is close to the horse campground. The 6-mile Bridalveil Creek Loop route is nearby, has a few creek crossings, and is open all year. Another well-liked trail is the 12.1-mile Ostrander Lake Trail. 

  1. Whiskeytown National Recreation Area

Shasta County's Whiskeytown National Recreation Area is 20 miles west of Redding. The only campground that permits horses is Horse Camp. Two campsites can hold two tents and six people. Despite being rustic, these campsites feature potable water and vault toilets.


Riders on horses and mountain bikes can share some shady, well-maintained routes in the Swasey Recreation area. Horse routes wind their way to the peaks of the mountains through beautiful waterfalls and old-growth woods. 1,000 to 3,500 feet above sea level is the range of elevation.

  1. Montana de Oro Horse Camp

Montana de Oro State Park runs adjacent to the San Luis Obispo shore and 6 miles southwest of Morro Bay. Three horse camping sites and two horse group campsites at Hazard Canyon Horse Camps via Islay Creek Campground are accessible by reservation from mid-May to mid-October and on a first-come, first-served basis of the year. Pit toilets and horse water are provided at the campsites, but potable water is not. Despite being a little bit inland, campers can still hear the water. 


From the campsite, equestrians choose routes to the beach or through eucalyptus forests. Most visitors find the whimsical eucalyptus to be a delight. Follow the Bloody Nose horse trail (5 miles), which has the most trees of all nearby trails, to take them in. For access to the beach, take Cable Trail. 


The Perfect Escape In The Nature

Horse camping opportunities in Southern California are as diverse as the state's landscape. Horse camping offers the ideal chance for more saddle time while taking in California's stunning outdoors for equestrians looking for adventure and a break from the stress of everyday life.


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