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6 Winter Horse Trails for Equestrians Near Denver
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6 Winter Horse Trails for Equestrians Near Denver

Winter horseback trail riding can be limited in Colorado, thankfully equestrians near Denver have quite a few options thanks to typically mild winters.

Here are a few horse trail options that are great for winter horseback riding:

Bayou Gulch Open Space

Parker, CO   |   This trail system is great for long and short trail ride because of the inter-connecting trails - you can extend your trail ride for as many miles as you like.  This trail system is also in full sun so the snow melts off pretty quickly and the trail is usually fairly dry most of winter.


Spruce Meadows Trail

Greenland, CO   |   This trail system is connected to Greenland trails and Spruce Mountain trails so you can make your trail ride as long or as short as needed. Wide open spaces keep these trails fairly dry and usable throughout winter.


South Valley Park

Ken Caryl, CO   |   If you're looking for a fun, easy, and beautiful ride then South Valley Park is the place to go. Easy parking. Mostly flat easy rock-free trails. Amazing views of the red rocks. These trails get full sun exposure and due to the soil composition stay mostly dry all winter.


Waterton Canyon

Littleton, CO   |   If you're looking for mileage on a flat, easy, and maintained surface then Waterton Canyon is the perfect fit. This road-trail is maintained and plowed after every snow storm so it is always good to ride. Ride out and back as far as you like and be sure to check out the giant dam about 6 miles in.


Sand Creek / Triple Creek Greenway

Aurora, CO   |   Easy, flat trails that meander through town. Be aware that there are a lot of urban obstacles, underpasses, and other trail users on these trails... but every day is training day, right?


Mount Carbon Loop

Lakewood, CO   |   The classic trail riding spot of Bear Creek Park is always great no matter what time of year.  In the winter, just switch to riding the south side of the park that has full sun exposure and quickly melts off any snow. Be aware of muddy conditions and only ride when the trail is dry.



Add Them To Your List

Make sure to add these trails to your "Want to Ride" list on - or your 'Completed' list if you've already ridden them!  Be sure to share your photos on the trail pages so others can enjoy the views!  Sharing is caring!   Let's keep those horses out on trails to ensure equestrians don't lose access - use it or lose it.