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Allegan State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Ride High: Discover Horse-Friendly Trails in Allegan State Game Area, Michigan


Michigan is home to some of the most enthralling landscapes and fantastic trail systems in North America. For horse enthusiasts, finding a trail that's equine-friendly is vital. Below is a list of some beautiful and thrilling trails in Allegan State Game Area, Michigan, that welcome equine enthusiasts.


1. The 2nd Avenue Equestrian Trails


Explore horse-friendly paths constituting an approximately 15-mile loop in this trail network deep into the heart of Allegan State Game Area. The 2nd Avenue Equestrian Trails allow you to enjoy the natural features of the park. Note that valid trail permits are required, so prepare accordingly.


2. The Ely Lake Campground Trail:


Starting from Ely Lake Campground, this horse-friendly trail offers riders captivating views of the Ely Lake. The trail is picturesque with its vast open spaces, perfect for horse riding.


3. Swan Creek Trails:


Swan Creek Trails provide an array of approximately 20 miles of equestrian-approved paths snaking through hardwood forests and pine plantations. As they crisscross Swan Creek Pond, these trails offer opportunities for spotting waterfowl and other wildlife between gallops.


4. Pine Point Equestrian Trail:


Stretching around 9 miles, this loop trail features beautiful wild flowers and captivating woodland. A true horse-lover's delight, the Pine Point trail is open year-round and offers various activity options.


5. Silver Creek Pathway:


Boasting a distance of around 4 miles, the Silver Creek Pathway rounds the Silver Lake, providing equestrians a scenic voyage in the heart of the Allegan State Game Area. The trail showcases a variety of vegetation, encouraging riders to take in Michigan's natural beauty in slow pace.


Remember that trail conditions can change due to weather and other factors, so always check the trail's official website or contact the park's main office before planning a horse ride. Happy trails!



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