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Alum Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Adventures: Horse-Friendly Trails at Alum Creek State Park, Ohio 




You and your four-legged friend can create unforgettable memories at Alum Creek State Park in Ohio. This serene park, spread over 3,387 acres, has specific trails dedicated to hikers, bird watchers, bikers and, most importantly for us, horse owners. Below, let’s trot through these horse-friendly trails at Alum Creek State Park and unearth why they are deemed a horse enthusiast's paradise.


1. Alum Creek Bridle Trails


This collection of trails offers remarkable sights and a serene atmosphere. It stretches over a whopping 38 miles, split into multiple trails to navigate. Constructed carefully keeping horses in mind, they provide ample shoulder room, well-graded paths, and soft footing, making them a safe and secure place to ride. 



2. The Southern Bridle Trail


This trail runs south from the park entrance, providing around seven miles ideal for a relaxed ride with your horse. Relish the splendid views of the reservoir and take in the tranquillity of the enchanting woods.



3. The Western Bridle Trail


Running for about eight miles, this trail offers a great riding experience with varied landscape views. It goes through diverse ecosystems, making this ride a unique experience for both you and your horse.



4. The Northern Bridle Trail


This, the largest section of the Bridle Trails, rides about 23 miles. It offers an extensive ride through the park's woodland, brushing past a peaceful creek and stunning meadows. Novice riders should note this trail can prove challenging due to its length and variety in terrain.




Nothing compares to the thrill of exploring the Alum Creek State Park while atop your horse. Time spent gently trotting along these bridle trails offers an opportunity for both horse and rider to relax, unwind and appreciate the countryside's beauty and serenity.


However, remember the rule of thumb while enjoying these adventures: always refer to the official park map and be aware of the trail markers, as horses are only allowed on indicated regions within Alum Creek State Park.




Please note that this indulgent adventure with your horse is only possible and permissible as long as you adhere to the park rules and regulations. You can find out more about these and get detailed trail maps at the official website of Alum Creek State Park at


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