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Angelina National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Unbridled Adventures: Horseback Riding Trails in Angelina National Forest, Texas


Discover the tranquility and charming natural landscapes of Angelina National Forest in Texas on horseback by exploring the equestrian-friendly trails. The wide variety of trails accommodates all experience levels, from the gentle ambler to the seasoned equestrian. 


Meander through lush greenery, dip your horse's hooves into sparkling streams, and take in the breath-taking views. Here are some of the best horse-friendly trails in the Angelina National Forest that offer a unique riding experience.


**1. Sawmill Hiking Trail**

The Sawmill Hiking Trail is a horse-friendly trail that stretches over 5 miles. This three-loop trail winds through stunning mature pines and sweet gum trees that render a sublime spectacle, particularly in autumn when the leaves change colors. Add to this the luring scent of wildflowers dotted along the trail, making it an enjoyable ride for both you and your horse.



**2. Townsend Trail**

This 1.5-mile long trail extends through hilly terrain, offering a thrilling ride for those with a bit of equestrian experience up their sleeve. The trail is adorned with an impressive array of flora and wildlife to admire along the way. (Source:


**3. Old Aldridge Sawmill Historic Site and Trail**

This beautiful 0.5-mile trail is a fantastic choice for a quick and easy horse ride. Offering a fusion of nature and history, the trail leads to the remains of the old Aldridge sawmill, whisking riders back to the 19th century lumberjack era. (Source:


**4. Bouton Lake Trail**

Transverse through charming timberland along the Bouton Lake Trail. This 4-mile long trail offers panoramic views of the tranquil Bouton Lake, making it an excellent spot for a scenic ride. (Source:


Please ensure to check with the National Forest Service before setting out, as trail conditions can change due to weather and other factors. Happy riding, and until next time, keep trotting on!



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2. Angelina National Forest, Townsend Trail:

3. Old Aldridge Sawmill Historic Site & Trail:

4. Angelina National Forest, Bouton Lake Trail: 


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