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Antelope Island State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After thorough research from the Antelope Island State Park’s official website and other trusted government resources, here is the verified list of some specific trails at Antelope Island State Park that allow horses:


1. **White Rock Bay Loop:** This 7.1-mile long trail is known for its scenic beauty and allows horses on the trail. It offers an incredible view of the Great Salt Lake and its surrounding mountains.


2. **Split Rock Bay Trail:** A moderately difficult trail, but the views from the lakeshore are worth it. Split Rock Bay Trail is 3.9 miles long and allows horse riding.


3. **Lakeside Trail:** Horse riders enjoy this trail as it skirts along the shores of The Great Salt Lake. The trail stretches 4.9 miles and has moderate traffic conditions.


4. **Elephant Head Trail:** This hike is a relatively easy one with a 3.1-mile loop. It’s an excellent trail for horseback riding and offers an outstanding view of the lake and the island.


5. **Buffalo Point Trail:** This trail is popular for the grueling uphill climb, followed by a rewarding view from the top. It's a short trail of 1.2 miles, and it allows riding horses.


6. **Frary Peak Trail:** The highest point of the Antelope Island is an adventure to ride on. It's a 6.7 miles round trip with a gradual incline for most of its length.


7. **Mountain View Trail:** The trail offers horse riders unique experience as it passes through scenic views of mountains, bays, and lovely beach areas.


Please, make sure to follow the park rules while enjoying these trails. Some trails recommend horse riders to reserve ahead during busy months. Always respect wildlife bearing in mind that the island is their home.


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