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Antelope Island State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-Friendly Trails at Antelope Island State Park, Utah


Experience the beauty of Antelope Island State Park in Utah on horseback. This peaceful oasis within the Great Salt Lake offers a range of horse-friendly trails. Venture through rolling hills, diverse wildlife and scenic vistas on the following equine approved paths:


1. **White Rock Bay Loop** - At a length of 7.2 miles, White Rock Bay Loop is a moderately challenging trail that offers a diverse mix of terrains. The trail invites both horseback riders and hikers, and horses are quite popular on this loop. Majestic views of Frary Peak and the Great Salt Lake await you along this trail. 


2. **Mountain View Trail** – Enjoy a longer journey on this 11.8-mile trail with a gentle incline. Mountain View Trail is perfect for intermediate riders looking for breathtaking vistas and potential sightings of bison, antelope and a variety of bird species. 


3. **Lakeside Trail** – A slightly easier route for less experienced riders or those who want to enjoy a leisurely ride, the Lakeside Trail is a 6.2-mile stretch. Offering stunning views of the lake and surrounding mountain ranges, this trail is a tribute to the serene beauty of Antelope Island. 


4. **Split Rock Bay Trail** – Moving to a more challenging ride, the Split Rock Bay Trail is a 9.2-mile course with occasional steep inclines. The trail is noted for its views of ancient rocks and the bay, plus the potential opportunity to spot local deer and coyote populations. 


5. **Elephant Head Trail** – On the shorter side at 4.1 miles, Elephant Head Trail offers a heartwarming mix of woods, grasslands and wildflowers. This trail presents the perfect opportunity to appreciate the unique flora and fauna of Antelope Island. 


Before you saddle up, ensure you check out the trail status and riding regulations at Antelope Island State Park. Remember, trails in some areas of the park may be temporarily closed due to wildlife conservation efforts and seasonal changes. 


So, whether you are an amateur rider or a seasoned equestrian, these horse-friendly trails promise to offer unparalleled views, beautiful wildlife, and an unforgettable riding experience within the tranquility of Antelope Island State Park in Utah. 



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