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Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, located in Arizona, encompass over 2 million acres of stunning landscapes, diverse wildlife, and a plethora of outdoor recreational activities. Among these activities, horseback riding holds a special place, offering riders the chance to explore scenic trails and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. From towering ponderosa pines to crystal-clear lakes, the forests have numerous trails suitable for horseback riding. Here are some of the top horse trails in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests:


1. Blue Range Primitive Area:

Located in the eastern part of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, the Blue Range Primitive Area offers riders an opportunity to experience untouched wilderness. With its rugged canyons, pristine creeks, and rolling hills, this area provides both scenic beauty and a variety of riding terrain. The Horse Mountain Trail, which stretches for approximately 17 miles, takes riders through dense forests and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes.


2. Black River Area:

The Black River Area, found in the southern part of the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, is known for its picturesque river views and peaceful atmosphere. Riders can venture along trails that wind parallel to the Black River, offering refreshing sights and sounds. The Tunnel Ridge Trail, a 7-mile loop, is a popular choice for horseback riding enthusiasts, showcasing stunning vistas and delightful creekside stretches.


3. Mogollon Rim:

Stretching for approximately 200 miles, the Mogollon Rim is a geological wonder that forms the southern boundary of the Colorado Plateau. The Rim boasts spectacular panoramic views, and numerous horse trails allow riders to explore this impressive landscape. The General Crook Trail, named after the famed Army officer, weaves through scenic forests, offering riders unparalleled views of the sprawling Rim Country.


4. Greer Area:

Home to charming meadows, tranquil streams, and thick pine forests, the Greer Area is a horseback rider's dream come true. Various trails meander through this serene region, providing riders with a range of options. The Butler Canyon Trail, for example, takes riders on an 8-mile journey through beautiful meadows and dense forests, while the West Fork Trail offers a shorter, 4-mile route along the East Fork of the Little Colorado River.


5. Alpine Area:

Nestled near the New Mexico border, the Alpine Area boasts high-elevation grasslands and stunning alpine vistas. Riders can explore trails that wind through aspen groves, spruce-fir forests, and open meadows. The Luna Lake Loop Trail, a 7-mile loop around Luna Lake, provides riders with breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding mountains, making it a must-visit trail for equestrians.


Before embarking on any horseback riding adventure in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests, it’s important to ensure you have proper permits, maps, and follow any regulations set by the forest service. Also, consider the season and weather conditions to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Whether you are a seasoned rider or just starting out, the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests offer horseback riding trails that cater to all skill levels. From the rugged beauty of the Blue Range Primitive Area to the tranquil meadows of the Greer Area, these top horse trails provide an opportunity to explore the natural wonders of this magnificent forest. So, saddle up, take the reins, and get ready for an unforgettable equestrian adventure in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests.