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Apalachicola National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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The Apalachicola National Forest, located in the Florida Panhandle, is a vast and diverse wilderness area that offers a variety of recreational opportunities. Among its many attractions, horseback riding stands out as one of the most popular activities for visitors. With numerous well-maintained trails winding through the forest, equestrians of all skill levels can enjoy exploring the beauty of this natural wonderland. In this article, we will highlight some of the top horse trails in Apalachicola National Forest that are a must-visit for horse enthusiasts.


1. Camel Lake Trail: This 7-mile loop trail offers a scenic and peaceful ride around the beautiful Camel Lake. The trail meanders through diverse ecosystems, including pine forests and cypress swamps, providing riders with an opportunity to spot various wildlife species such as deer, turkeys, and migratory birds. The trail is marked and easy to follow, making it suitable for riders of all experience levels.


2. Wright Lake Trail: For a longer and more challenging ride, the Wright Lake Trail is a great option. This 11-mile loop trail takes riders through dense forests, alongside picturesque lakes, and across scenic bridges. Horseback riders may encounter wildlife such as foxes, bobcats, and even the elusive Florida black bear. The trail has some hilly sections, offering a more thrilling experience for experienced riders.


3. Bradwell Bay Wilderness Trail: Located within the Bradwell Bay Wilderness Area, this trail is perfect for those seeking a true backcountry adventure. The 16-mile loop trail winds through remote and untouched parts of the forest, providing riders with a sense of isolation and tranquility. Along the way, riders can enjoy scenic views of wetlands, old-growth tupelo trees, and diverse plant life. This trail is recommended for more experienced riders due to its length and rugged terrain.


4. Leon Sinks Geological Area Trail: While this trail is primarily known for its unique sinkholes and karst topography, it also offers excellent horseback riding opportunities. The trail loops for about 4 miles, passing by picturesque sinks, a waterfall, and through a lush forest. Riders can enjoy a mix of shaded paths and open areas, making it an enjoyable ride for riders of all levels.


5. Florida National Scenic Trail: The Apalachicola National Forest is also home to a section of the famed Florida National Scenic Trail. This long-distance trail spans across the entire state of Florida and offers a small taste of its beauty within the forest. Horseback riders can explore various segments of the trail within the Apalachicola National Forest, enjoying diverse landscapes, wildlife sightings, and a true sense of adventure.


Before embarking on any horse ride in the Apalachicola National Forest, it is essential to check for trail closures, obtain permits if necessary, and pack necessary supplies such as water, snacks, and a map. Additionally, riders should ensure their horses are properly trained, shod, and prepared for trail riding.


With its abundant trails and breathtaking scenery, the Apalachicola National Forest provides horse enthusiasts with an extraordinary riding experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced equestrian, these top horse trails in the forest offer a chance to connect with nature and embark on unforgettable horseback rides. So, saddle up, hit the trails, and get ready for an adventure in the heart of Florida's wilderness.