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Arizona: Top Horse Camps | July 2023
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If you're an equestrian enthusiast looking for the perfect place to explore Arizona's scenic trails and enjoy some horseback riding adventures, then you're in luck! The state is home to some fantastic equestrian campgrounds, offering stunning natural beauty and excellent facilities for both horses and riders. Here, we highlight the top equestrian campgrounds in Arizona that are sure to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your equine companions.


1. White Tank Mountain Regional Park - Located on the west side of metropolitan Phoenix, the White Tank Mountain Regional Park is a popular destination for equestrians. With over 30 miles of multi-use trails winding through the beautiful Sonoran Desert, riders can expect breathtaking views of towering saguaro cacti and rugged mountain ranges. The park offers equestrian campsites with corrals and watering facilities, making it the ideal place to set up camp with your horses.


2. Dead Horse Ranch State Park - Nestled in the picturesque Verde Valley near Cottonwood, Dead Horse Ranch State Park is a haven for equestrians. The park offers well-maintained equestrian trails that wind along the scenic Verde River and through beautiful cottonwood and mesquite forests. The equestrian campground features spacious sites with shade structures, water, picnic tables, and horse corrals. Horse lovers will appreciate the tranquility and beauty of this park, along with its proximity to historic downtown Cottonwood.


3. Kehl Springs Campground - Situated in the stunning Grand Canyon National Park, Kehl Springs Campground is a peaceful retreat for horseback riding enthusiasts. With direct access to the North Rim Trail, riders can explore the breathtaking North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The campground offers equestrian sites with hitching posts, picnic tables, and fire rings, ensuring convenience and comfort for both you and your horses. Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of nature while horseback riding along the rim of one of the world's most famous natural wonders.


4. Picacho Peak State Park - Located midway between Tucson and Phoenix, Picacho Peak State Park is a fantastic destination for equestrians seeking adventure. The park boasts diverse desert landscapes and mountains, offering breathtaking views during horseback rides. The equestrian campground provides spacious campsites with corrals, fire rings, and picnic tables. Enjoy miles of scenic trails, including the popular Sunset Vista Trail, which leads riders to the summit of Picacho Peak for stunning panorama views.


5. Arizona Horse Lovers Park - Located in Phoenix, Arizona Horse Lovers Park offers a dedicated equestrian facility with various amenities for riders. The park features a large equestrian campground, complete with 30 covered stalls, water, restrooms, and overnight camping facilities. Take advantage of the park's multiple riding arenas, obstacle course, and miles of trails that traverse the beautiful Sonoran Desert landscape. Arizona Horse Lovers Park is a perfect choice for horse enthusiasts seeking a well-equipped equestrian facility near the city.


Whether you're a local exploring Arizona's natural beauty or a visitor looking for a unique equestrian experience, these top equestrian campgrounds in Arizona offer endless opportunities for adventure and horseback riding. So, saddle up and get ready to create cherished memories amidst the state's stunning landscapes and well-maintained trails.