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Ashley National Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: 5 Horse-Friendly Trails in Utah's Ashley National Forest


As a horse rider, finding stunning trails that allow equine friends is a true delight. Thankfully, Ashley National Forest in Utah caters to horse riders with numerous beautiful trails laid along vibrant wildflower meadows, stunning mountainous landscapes, and glistening lakes - an awe-inspiring visual treat for equestrians. Here's a guide to the top five horse-friendly trails in Ashley National Forest that promises fun-filled adventures for horse riders.


1. **Red Cloud Loop Trail** 


This 18-mile trail takes horse riders on a scenic journey through dense conifer forests and placid streams. Rated “moderate,” the Red Cloud Loop offers riders sweeping vistas of prominent peaks and deep canyons that make the adventure more fascinating. 


2. **Sheep Creek Geological Loop**


A relatively less strenuous trail, Sheep Creek Geological Loop spans about 13 miles. Notably, the trail is well-known for its unique geological formations, making it an informative ride beyond the thrilling fun of equestrian adventure.


3. **Uinta Highline Trail**


Arguably the longest trail in Ashley National Forest, the Uinta Highline Trail measures approximately 100 miles. Spanning over various landscapes, it is an excellent trail for experienced horse riders looking for longer, more challenging adventures.


4. **Dry Fork Flume Trail**


The Dry Fork Flume Trail offers a unique adventure for horse riders with its novel log flume replica that depicts the area's logging history. This 5.5-mile trail showcases breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.


5. **Lyman Lake Trail**


For riders craving a trail with waterfront vistas, the Lyman Lake Trail is a perfect choice. This 7-mile trail graces the serene Lyman Lake and its beautiful fauna. The trail’s tranquility is an added charm, making it an enjoyable horse ride.


These are the stand-out horse-friendly trails in the Ashley National Forest for riders who are passionate about exploring nature's allure on horseback. Remember to maintain trail etiquette and stick to the designated path always. Happy riding!




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