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Assateague State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Hoof It: The Best Horse-Friendly Trails in Maryland’s Assateague State Park 


Hello fellow equestrians! Today, we’re saddling up to take a journey through some of the most scenic horse trails at Assateague State Park in Maryland. Famous for its wild horses that roam its sandy beaches and forest trails, Assateague is an excellent destination for horse-back riding. Below you'll find a detailed guide of trails that specifically permit horse-riding, carefully verified through official sources. 


(Note: It's important to understand Assateague State Park allows horse riding on designated OSV (Over Sand Vehicle) trails and beaches, but does not delineate specific 'named' equestrian trails. Access is a little more open-ended, but keep reading to find out where you are welcome to bring your equine pal!)


1. OSV Zone (Year-round access)

One of the only areas open year-round for horses, the OSV (Over Sand Vehicles) Zone, extends over 12 miles, from km marker 7.5 to the Virginia state line. Whether it's a tranquil beach ride as the sun sets or an adventurous sand dune journey, this zone provides a unique landscape for riders of all levels. 


2. North OSV Zone (Oct 9 to May 14 access)

During the off-season, horse riders can make full use of the North OSV Zone, which expands your playground to between km markers 0-7.5. This means an extension into the richer woodland trails while enjoying the beach's proximity.


When visiting Assateague with your horse, there are a couple of extra considerations to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip. Make sure to vet-check your horse before visiting, as you're required to provide proof of a negative Coggins test for your horse. Also, remember to remove all manure or hay to help preserve this unique ecosystem.


Assateague State Park also requires all visitors, including horse riders, to follow all posted signs regarding trail use and species protection, especially during bird nesting season from March to September. 


No matter the weather, the season, or the horse-riding experience you're seeking, Assateague’s designated horse trails provide the perfect blend of beach riding and forest trail exploration. So grab your tack and hit one of these awesome trails for a ride you won't soon forget!



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