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Barkcamp State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horse Friendly Adventure: Trail Riding At Barkcamp State Park, Ohio


If you're looking to experience horseback riding through the heart of Ohio's pristine backyard, look no further than Barkcamp State Park. Situated in Belmont County, this recreational gem is revered not only for its picturesque landscape but also for its horse-friendly trails. So, saddle up and join us as we explore the equestrian trails that weave through Barkcamp State Park.


1. Lakeview Trail (5.5 miles)


This magnificent trail offers a moderate level adventure featuring an enchanting view of the Belmont Lake. A scenic ride on Lakeview Trail showcases the park’s diverse wildlife, dramatic woodland terrain, and its sparkling crown jewel - the Belmont Lake. Horseback riding is permitted, making it an ideal trail for equestrians seeking a serene ride through nature.


2. Woodchuck Nature Trail (1.5 miles)


Though originally designed for hiking, the Woodchuck Nature Trail also welcomes horse riders. This trail provides a relaxing jaunt through the park's lush vegetation and distinct wildlife. While it's one of the shorter trails, it offers a perfect blend of enchantment and adventure.


3. Hawks Nest Trail (1 mile)


Also appealing to horse riders, the Hawks Nest Trail offers a relatively short journey packed with nature's wonders. Along the way, riders can expect unexpected overlooks, fascinating wildlife, and an overall breathtaking voyage through this tranquil park. 


To guarantee an enjoyable trip, ensure you familiarize yourself with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources’ trail guidelines specifically for horseback riding. These rules aim to protect the integrity of the trails, the safety of the riders, and the well-being of the park's diverse ecosystem.


Barkcamp State Park, with its natural beauty and horse-friendly trails, is a haven for both novice and experienced horseback riders, offering a unique opportunity to witness the tranquility of Ohio’s great outdoors from the saddle. So tie your boots, get your helmets on, and prepare for a memorable horse riding adventure at Barkcamp State Park!



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