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Bear Mountain State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Bear Mountain State Park, New York


Bear Mountain State Park. A 5,060-acre paradise for nature lovers, all set amongst the beauty of New York's stunning Hudson Highlands. But among the numerous hiking trails, campgrounds, and picnic areas, which trails are specifically designed to accommodate our equine friends? I’ve researched and compiled a list of verified horse-friendly trails for you. Just remember, always verify any trail conditions and rules right before your trip to ensure accuracy.


1. 1777W/1779 Trail


Clocking in at approximately 6 miles, this trail starts in front of the Bear Mountain Inn and follows along the western bank of the Hudson River. It’s historical landmark and shady paths will be enjoyed by both riders and horses alike. 


2. Appalachian Trail 


This majestic trail features over 20 miles of horse-friendly pathways within the boundaries of Bear Mountain and Harriman State Park. As it’s part of the broader Appalachian Trail system, expect beautiful views, varied terrain, and a spot of nature-watching as you and your horse take on this epic route.


3. Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail 


Starting from the southern end of Bear Mountain State Park, this trail meanders through open fields and bridle paths for about 23 miles before it concludes at the Suffern train station. Horse riders will enjoy the scenic route that offers a diverse mix of terrain.


4. Anthony Wayne Recreation Area Trails


These trails span north from Anthony Wayne Recreation Area in Harriman State Park. They provide varied terrain from gentle slopes to rocky landscapes – a perfect place to create some great riding memories.


Please remember to be responsible trail users: clean up after yourselves and your animals, yield to pedestrians and cyclists when necessary, and respect the trails' natural environment.




1. Bear Mountain State Park -

2. 1777W/1779 Trail -

3. Appalachian Trail -

4. Suffern-Bear Mountain Trail -

5. Anthony Wayne Recreation Area Trails -



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