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Beaver Creek State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Paradise: Trails at Beaver Creek State Park, Ohio 


Nestled in the rugged hills of Eastern Ohio, Beaver Creek State Park is revered as a haven for horseback riders. Boasting lush forests, winding streams, and abundant wildlife, the park offers several horse-friendly trails that beckon novice and experienced riders alike. This piece provides a detailed overview of these incredible equine trails. 


1. Vondergreen Trail


Opened all year round, this 16-mile long looping trail is a popular choice amongst horse riders. Offering scenic views of Beaver Creek, the trail winds through diverse landscapes and elevations testing riders' skills at every turn. Extremely well-maintained, the Vondergreen Trail is perfect for those seeking a full day of horseback riding adventure.


2. Dogwood Trail


At 3.5 miles long, the Dogwood Trail offers a shorter but equally thrilling horse riding experience. With its relatively flat terrain populated with dogwood trees, this trail is a perfect choice for beginners. Open throughout the year, riders can revel in the beauty of these blooming trees during springtime.


3. Fisherman's Trail


The Fisherman's Trail might be shorter at only 1.5 miles, but don't be fooled by its size. This trail provides one-of-a-kind horse riding experience with surreal views of the creek and surrounding vegetation. It's a must-visit trail, especially during evenings when the setting sun casts a magical hue on the landscape. 


While riding, ensure that you adhere to the park's regulations. Riding off designated trails, waterways, or in restricted areas is prohibited. Additionally, riders are encouraged to respect wildlife and not to disturb the environment. 


Happy horseback riding at Beaver Creek State Park!




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