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Belleplain State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Top Horse-friendly Trails at Belleplain State Forest, New Jersey


If a leisurely trail-ride atop your trusty steed through the beautiful landscapes of New Jersey is your ideal way to unwind, Belleplain State Forest is the place to be. This expansive haven for nature lovers boasts several horse-friendly trails, perfect for both seasoned riders and novices alike. Here’s a list of trails that welcome equestrians so that your four-legged companion can trot alongside you.


1. **East Creek Trail**

   The 6.5-mile East Creek Trail offers a scenic ride through diverse landscapes. From breezy open fields to leafy forest corridors and, of course, mesmerizing views of East Creek Lake, this trail is a true stunner. The trail surface is generally well-maintained and flat, making it ideal for all riding abilities.


2. **Meisle Field Trail**

   The trail loops around the historic Meisle cranberry bog. Offering a dose of history along with nature's splendor, Meisle Field Trail’s 1.6 miles of terrain is rideable throughout the year. This trail has a predominantly sandy base, which is gentle on your horse's hooves.


3. **Sunset Trail**

   Watching the sunset while on a horseback ride can be a magical experience. The 2.6-mile Sunset Trail can offer just that, with its access to the beach at Sunset Lake, where the setting sun paints the sky in striking hues. 


4. **Island Pond Trail**

   Winding around the serene Island Pond, this 2-mile trail presents endless opportunities to spot migratory birds and other wildlife. Island Pond trail is a relatively level and soft sand path that can prove to be a relaxing ride for both you and your horse.


Information about these trails, including their rules and regulations, is available online at the official Belleplain State Forest website and other trusted resources. However, it is always advised to check for the latest updates before heading out, as trail conditions and usage rules may change.


Enjoy the simple, intimate pleasure of horse riding amidst nature as you experience these trails. Belleplain State Forest's warm welcoming of horses serves as a testament to its commitment to cater to every nature lover's preferences.




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*Please note: Availability of horse trails can be subject to change due to weather conditions, maintenance, or wildlife protection efforts. Always ensure to check the local rules and regulations before planning a trail ride.*


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