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Berlin Lake Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at Berlin Lake, Ohio 


Explore the lush landscapes of Berlin Lake, Ohio, on horseback by traversing these great trails that permit equestrian use. In this list, you'll find trail details and features that make each one unique for riders and their trusty steeds.


1. Berlin Lake Trail: This 4.4-kilometer trail is rated as moderate and is primarily used for hiking, horse riding, and mountain biking. It has a beautiful lake and is best used from April until October. Remain on the clearly marked trails to ensure protection of the area.


2. Mill Creek Trail: An expansive 14.6-kilometer trail that's moderately trafficked and perfect for horseback riders seeking a bit more of a challenge. With lush green settings and a peaceful atmosphere, this spot is a horse lover's dream. 


3. Pine Lake Trail: An easier trail for those seeking a less challenging experience. Stretching over 1.6 kilometers, Pine Lake Trail is perfect for beginner horseback riders, or those seeking a tranquil ride amidst beautiful lake views.


4. Canfield Bike Trail: An unlikely entrant on this list, the Canfield Bike Trail is shared by bikers, hikers, and equestrians alike. The trail spans about 15.3 kilometers and offers panoramic rural landscapes that make for a delightful horseback ride.


5. Portage Hike and Bike Trail: Measuring about 13.4 kilometers, this trail is a great choice for horseback riders. Featuring a river and beautiful wildflowers during the spring and summer, this trail adds a touch of wilderness to your equestrian journey.


6. Lake Milton Trail: Although a part of neighboring Lake Milton, this trail can be ridden over to Berlin Lake. It stretches over 6.4 kilometers and its forest setting makes it favored among horseback riders.


Remember that while horseback riding is permitted on these trails, it's essential to respect the trail regulations, other trail users, and wildlife that calls these areas home. Practice the principles of Leave No Trace to keep these trails beautiful and accessible for generations to come.



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Please note that the information about horse-allowance on these trails was obtained from these official sources and believed accurate at the time of writing. Conditions and regulations may change. Always check with the park or local agency before heading out for your ride. Enjoy your equestrian adventure at Berlin Lake, Ohio!


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