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Big Bend Ranch State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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According to the official Texas Parks and Wildlife website for Big Bend Ranch State Park, equestrian use is permitted on several trails within the park. Below are the specific trails where horses are allowed:


1. **Fresno-Sauceda Loop**: This 22-mile multi-use interconnecting loop is open to horseback riding. It offers impressive views of the park’s natural features and wildlife.


2. **West Contrabando Trailhead**: This trailhead comprised of a network of trails providing 12 miles of scenic routes. Horses are welcome to explore these trails, offering an excellent experience for riders.


3. **Dome Trail**: This 10-mile trail takes riders through varied terrain and offers dramatic desert views. Horseback riding is very much permitted on this trail.


4. **Ojito Adentro**: This 3.5-mile round trip trail is perfect for a short horseback ride. It provides water for horses making it an attraction for equestrian riders.


5. **Cinco Tinajas Trail**: This 1.5-mile round trip path is another trail open for horseback riding. The trail leads riders to a series of historic, naturally formed desert watering holes.


6. **Horse Trap Trail**: This trail covers 17 miles and offers striking views of the Bofecillos Highlands. As the name implies, it is designed for horseback riding.


7. **Leyva Canyon Trail**: This is a backcountry trail and is approximately 9 miles long. It meanders through varied terrains and is popular among horse riders.


Please note the park requires users to adhere to trail designations and regulations, and following Leave No Trace principles is highly encouraged. Equestrians must provide proof of a negative Coggins test for each horse brought into the park.



Texas Parks and Wildlife Department: Big Bend Ranch State Park


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