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Big Ridge State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Big Ridge State Park, nestled in the picturesque Appalachian Mountains, is a paradise for nature lovers, hikers, and horseback riders alike. With over 1,700 acres of majestic forest, pristine lakes, and breathtaking vistas, it is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.


Among the many outdoor activities, horseback riding is a highlight at Big Ridge State Park. The park offers a variety of well-maintained trails that wind through the park's diverse landscapes, providing riders with a unique and immersive equestrian experience.


One of the best horse trails at Big Ridge State Park is the Big Valley Trail. This 5.5-mile trail takes riders through a moss-covered forest with towering hardwoods. As you navigate this trail, you'll be greeted by tranquil streams and the sweet serenade of songbirds. The Big Valley Trail is perfect for riders looking for a peaceful and scenic ride.


For a bit more of a challenge, the 2.4-mile Lake Trail offers riders a loop around Big Ridge Lake. The trail weaves through a beautiful mixed hardwood forest and offers breathtaking views of the lake. Along the way, riders can take a break and let their horses graze at the picturesque picnic area. The Lake Trail is a favorite among riders looking for a moderate ride with stunning vistas.


Serious horseback riders looking for a longer eco-adventure should check out the Indian Rock House Trail. This 7.4-mile trail, named after a stunning rock formation along the route, takes riders through the heart of Big Ridge State Park. The trail rewards riders with incredible panoramic views, dense forests, and abundant wildlife. Along the way, riders will also encounter bridges and streams, adding to the thrill of the journey.


For those seeking a shorter ride, the Scar Ridge Trail is an excellent option. This 1.5-mile trail is perfect for novice riders or for those looking for a quick horseback outing. The Scar Ridge Trail meanders through shaded forest and offers glimpses of Big Ridge Lake. It's a great trail for a relaxing ride or an introduction to horseback riding.


To make the most of your horseback riding adventure at Big Ridge State Park, it's important to come prepared. Riders should bring their own horses, as the park does not have rentals available. It's also essential to wear appropriate riding gear, including a helmet and sturdy boots.


Furthermore, riders should be aware of the park's regulations, which include staying on designated trails, respecting park wildlife, and properly disposing of waste. These guidelines help ensure the preservation of Big Ridge State Park's natural beauty for future generations to enjoy.


In conclusion, Big Ridge State Park is a horseback rider's paradise with its carefully curated trails and stunning landscapes. Whether you're looking for a peaceful trail ride or a more adventurous venture, Big Ridge State Park has something for riders of all levels. So saddle up, hit the trails, and enjoy an unforgettable horseback riding experience immersed in the beauty of nature.