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Bitterroot National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Exploring the picturesque Bitterroot National Forest in Montana on horseback is an experience that equestrians of all levels can enjoy. With its magnificent landscapes, dense pine forests, and breathtaking mountain vistas, the Bitterroot National Forest is a paradise for horseback riding enthusiasts. If you're looking to saddle up and embark on an unforgettable equine adventure, here are the top horse trails in Bitterroot National Forest.


1. Blodgett Canyon Trail:

Located in the southern part of Bitterroot National Forest, Blodgett Canyon Trail is a favorite among horseback riders. This trail meanders alongside the crystal-clear Blodgett Creek, offering stunning views of the towering granite walls that line the canyon. As you ride through lush meadows and shaded forests, keep an eye out for wildlife such as elk, deer, and various bird species. The trail is well-marked, making it accessible for riders of all abilities.


2. Soda Springs Trail:

For a more challenging but immensely rewarding horseback riding experience, head to Soda Springs Trail. This trail is nestled within the Sapphire Mountains, providing breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys. As you ascend, you'll pass through dense pine forests and ride alongside sparkling mountain streams. The climax of this trail comes when you reach the Soda Springs Ridge, where riders are treated to sweeping vistas of the Bitterroot Valley. Remember to pack plenty of water and take breaks to rest both you and your equine companion on this longer, more demanding trail.


3. Bear Creek Trail:

If you're seeking a moderate horseback riding adventure, Bear Creek Trail won't disappoint. Nestled in the northern part of the Bitterroot National Forest, this picturesque trail follows the winding course of Bear Creek. With stunning views of the Sapphire Mountains and lush alpine meadows, it's the perfect escape into nature. The trailhead is easily accessible, and the trail itself is well-maintained, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels.


4. Como Lake Trail:

Ascending through the West Fork of Rock Creek, Como Lake Trail is a popular option for horseback riders. This trail offers a diverse landscape, including beautiful stretches of wildflowers, dense forests, and stunning vistas. The trail culminates at Como Lake, a tranquil alpine lake surrounded by towering peaks. Here, riders can take a break, enjoy a picnic, or even fish in the serene mountain waters before heading back down the trail.


5. Roaring Lion Trail:

For experienced riders seeking a thrilling and challenging adventure, Roaring Lion Trail is an excellent choice. This trail offers incredible views of the Bitterroot Valley and Sapphire Mountains but requires both skill and stamina. As the trail winds through steep terrain and rocky sections, riders will be rewarded with breathtaking viewpoints and a sense of accomplishment.


Before hitting the trails in Bitterroot National Forest, make sure to check current trail conditions, obtain any necessary permits, and ensure you are equipped with appropriate riding gear and supplies. Always prioritize safety and follow leave-no-trace principles when exploring the wilderness on horseback.


With its unique blend of stunning landscapes and diverse trails, Bitterroot National Forest offers an unforgettable equestrian experience. From leisurely rides through scenic valleys to exhilarating adventures through rugged mountain terrain, the horse trails in Bitterroot National Forest have something to offer riders of all levels of skill and experience. So, saddle up and get ready for an epic horseback riding experience in this enchanting Montana wilderness.