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Bradbury Mountain State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horseback Riding Haven: Equestrian Trails at Bradbury Mountain State Park, Maine 


Are you looking for a fantastic place to saddle up and enjoy a horseback ride in Maine? Look no further than Bradbury Mountain State Park. This blog post will detail the best equestrian-friendly trails that the park has to offer. So if you love to ride into the sunset, keep reading and start planning your horseback adventure. 


1. Northern Loop Trail: 

    As one of the most scenic trails in Bradbury Mountain State Park, the Northern Loop is favored by equestrians for its 3.6-mile moderately trafficked route. This trail is a perfect blend of forest backdrop, ridgeline views, and wildlife sightings. Keep in mind that it's also used by hikers and mountain bikers, so be prepared to share the trail.


2. Tote Road: 

    Tote Road allows horses and offers a unique chance to enjoy Maine's nature at its finest. This 1-mile trail winds through a lush forest of pine, spruce, and fir trees. Flat and well-maintained, Tote Road is the ideal trail for beginners or those seeking a relaxing ride.


3. South Ridge Trail:

    South Ridge Trail is another equestrian-friendly route worth exploring. Starting from the park's entrance, this 1.7-mile trail slowly ascends to the summit of Bradbury Mountain, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. It's ideal for experienced riders seeking a bit of a challenge. 


4. Boundary Trail:

    The Boundary Trail spans approximately 1.6 miles and is open to horses. This trail skirts the park's boundary and crosses several small water streams, thus offering a thrilling equestrian experience. It's a great opportunity to enjoy a peaceful, remote ride without straying too far from park amenities. 


5. Ginn Trail: 

   Open to horses, the Ginn Trail is a 1.1-mile trail that offers a unique experience for equestrians. It takes you deep into the park's beautiful forest, along clear brooks and across picturesque fields, making for a delightful leisurely ride.


So saddle up and head to Bradbury Mountain State Park for an unforgettable equestrian adventure set against Maine's breathtaking natural splendor. We've listed the best horse-friendly trails in the park, so all you need to do is choose your path and start your journey. Happy riding!


Please note: Always check the park's official website or contact park staff to ensure trail accessibility and rules before your visit. 




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