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California: Top Horse Camps | July 2023
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California offers a plethora of opportunities for horse lovers to explore its beautiful landscapes while enjoying camping adventures with their equine companions. From stunning coastal trails to majestic mountain regions, the state has a wide variety of equestrian campgrounds that cater to all levels of expertise. Here are some of the top equestrian campgrounds in California.


1. D.L. Bliss State Park – Located on the picturesque Lake Tahoe, D.L. Bliss State Park offers horse-friendly campgrounds equipped with hitching posts and corrals. The park features several scenic trails, including the Rubicon Trail, which offers breathtaking views of the lake. Riders can also explore the nearby Desolation Wilderness, a pristine area renowned for its alpine vistas and vibrant wildflowers.


2. Redwood National and State Parks – Nestled in the lush forests of Northern California, the Redwood National and State Parks provide an unforgettable equestrian camping experience. The park offers horseback riding trails that meander through towering redwoods and alongside sparkling rivers. Riders can choose from various campgrounds equipped with horse-friendly amenities, such as corals and water troughs.


3. Death Valley National Park – For the more adventurous equestrians, Death Valley National Park provides a unique opportunity to explore the vast desert landscape on horseback. The park offers equestrian-friendly campgrounds at Furnace Creek and Wildrose, as well as access to trails that wind through canyons, dunes, and mountain peaks. The stark beauty of Death Valley is truly a marvel to behold.


4. Anza-Borrego Desert State Park – Located in Southern California, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park boasts miles of equestrian trails that weave through the rugged desert terrain. The park offers equestrian campsites with corrals, water troughs, and picnic tables. Riders can explore breathtaking sights, such as the iconic Slot Canyon and stunning vistas of the Colorado Desert.


5. Yosemite National Park – Renowned for its breathtaking beauty and iconic landmarks, Yosemite National Park also provides opportunities for equestrian camping. Riders can embark on trails that wind through valleys, meadows, and forests, offering spectacular views of towering granite cliffs and waterfalls. Equestrian campsites are available at the Wawona and Bridalveil Creek campgrounds, complete with hitching posts and water.


6. Humboldt Redwoods State Park – As home to some of the tallest trees in the world, Humboldt Redwoods State Park offers equestrians a unique opportunity to ride amongst ancient giants. The park has horse-friendly campsites with corrals, as well as an extensive trail system that winds through towering redwoods and alongside sparkling creeks. The Avenue of the Giants, a scenic route within the park, is particularly popular among horseback riders.


7. Mount Shasta Wilderness – For those seeking a more challenging equestrian experience, Mount Shasta Wilderness offers rugged trails and breathtaking alpine vistas. Riders can explore the area surrounding Mount Shasta, the state's highest peak, and camp at horse-friendly sites along the trails. The wilderness boasts diverse landscapes, ranging from alpine meadows to dense forests, providing an unforgettable adventure for equestrians.


When planning a camping trip with horses, be sure to check park regulations and requirements for equestrians. Many campgrounds in California require advance reservations for equestrian campsites and may have specific rules regarding manure disposal and trail use. Additionally, ensure that horses are properly vaccinated, have suitable camping gear, and are fit for the desired level of activity.


Embarking on an equestrian camping adventure in California allows riders to immerse themselves in the state's stunning natural beauty while forging a deep connection with their equine companions. Whether venturing through desert landscapes, riding among towering redwoods, or exploring breathtaking mountain regions, these top equestrian campgrounds in California offer unforgettable experiences for horse lovers.