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Campground Stables Is A Beautiful And Clean Horse Motel
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Campground Stables Horse Motel | Top Horse Trails

Campground Stables Horse Motel is a beautiful and clean facility that offers convenience and peace of mind for horse owners. With a variety of stalls available that are large, airy, and well-maintained, there is room for all kinds of horses. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and they make sure that the horses are well taken care of. The grounds are kept neat and tidy, and there is plenty of space for horses to move around and get exercise. Best of all, Campground Stables is conveniently located near restaurants, motels, fast food stores, etc., making it easy for horse owners to access.


Campground Stables specializes in overnight boarding. Their box stalls are clean and well-bedded. Campground Stables is located on 15 acres with a pond for fishing, easy access for trailers, and plenty of space for horses. It is an overnight horse motel that also provides accommodation for horse owners. They are only a few minutes away from Altamont and Effingham city limits as well as Interstate 70.


To get to the Campground Stables, just take a one-half mile off of Interstate 70. You can stay there overnight or for a comfortable rest stop for your horse(s). They also offer convenience! There's a turn-around drive, space for your trailer, plenty of room/pasture, a wash bay, automatic waterers, large clean stalls (16' x 16') with turnouts, and a small picnic area for the family. Restaurants, including sit-down and fast food restaurants, and motels are nearby. There are now also sleeping rooms with private entrances


Take the Altamont exit off of I-70(exit 82), and go south 1/2 mile to Campground Road (watch for Town and Country Subdivision sign). Turn right on Campground Road. They're the second drive on the left.


Campground Stables has the following facilities and amenities:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Large stalls with turnouts
  • Hookups - 30amp
  • Wash bay
  • Fishing area
  • Parking Available
  • Pets Allowed


You can enjoy the following at Campground Stables:

  • Large stalls with turnouts for the horses
  • 30 amp outlets for trailers with living quarters
  • Comfortable rest stop or overnight stay
  • Convenient, turn-around drive space for trailer
  • Plenty of room/pasture
  • Auto waterers
  • Small picnic/fishing area. 
  • Restaurants, fast food/sit-down, and motels nearby.


This overnight horse hotel offers sleeping rooms for horse owners so they can enjoy their stay. There are 30-amp trailer outlets available for trailers with living quarters and large stalls with turnouts!


Cost Details:

$35 per horse per night


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Campground Stables does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Campground Stables for more information.