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Cedarville State Forest Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian Trails to Explore at Cedarville State Forest, Maryland 


Horse lovers, rejoice! Cedarville State Forest in Maryland offers some truly marvelous trails for equestrian pursuits. With its enchanting natural beauty, Cedarville is a paradise for riders seeking to immerse themselves in the tranquility of Maryland's exquisite landscape. Here, we've compiled an exclusive list of Cedarville's diverse trails where horses are welcome - ensuring you have a seamless experience while planning your next equestrian adventure. 


1. Blue Trail Loop

The Blue Trail Loop, a 4.5 mile loop starting at the Family Campground, is a popular trail for horseback riding. The trail meanders through a thriving Pine and Oak forest and has a gentle inclination which makes it a perfect choice both for beginners and experienced riders. 


2. Orange Trail Loop 

The Orange Trail Loop is a moderately trafficked 4.9-mile trail that is a rider’s delight due to its diverse landscapes and easy gradation. It offers stunning views of the forest and the serene, still Swamp Creek. The Orange Trail can be easily accessed at its trailhead near the Forestry Headquarters. 


3. White Trail Loop 

This 7.5 mile loop starts and ends at the Equestrian Campground - an indication of its popularity amongst horse riders. The White Trail takes you through Cedarville's most scenic landscapes. Remember, it’s a long trail and intermediate to advanced riding skills could be needed.


4. Yellow Trail 

At 10.9 miles, the Yellow Trail is Cedarville's longest equestrian trail and is perfect for those looking for an all-day riding adventure. The trail winds around the edge of the Forest, offering unparalleled views of the area's diverse flora and fauna. 


Remember always to respect the trail rules and give right of way to hikers and bikers where applicable. Keep the trails clean for everyone to enjoy. Make sure your horse is appropriately vaccinated and wear a helmet for safety. 


Happy riding in Cedarville State Forest!



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