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Cerrillos Hills State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Enjoy Horse Riding at New Mexico: Horse-Friendly Trails at Cerrillos Hills State Park 



Experience the best of horse-friendly trails nestled within the panoramic Cerrillos Hills State Park, New Mexico. With distinct trails that permit horse riding, equestrians can bask in the refreshing outdoors, surrounded by breathtaking views. Here, we present a list of specific trails within Cerrillos Hills State Park that welcome horse riders, along with a detailed rundown of what each trail has to offer.


1. Prospect Trail

Allowing horse riding, this trail stretches about 1 mile through the park and connects the main park entrance to the overlook. It is easy to traverse and is perfect for a sunny afternoon horse ride.


2. Mahoney Trail

Mahoney Trail’s 0.7-mile stretch invites horse riders. Just south of the Prospect Trail, it can be easily accessed, providing idyllic views and unique terrains to navigate with your horse.


3. Cerrillitos Trail

At approximately 1.6 miles, Cerrillitos Trail is one of the longest horse-friendly paths in the park which wraps around historical mine remnants. A journey along this trail is sure to enrich your horseback riding experience.


4. Ridge Trail

This 0.65-mile trail allows horse riding and is known for its undulating path that offers a bit of a challenge for both horse and rider—it is indeed an adventure waiting to be embarked upon!


5. Escalante Trail 

One of the less challenging trails at Cerrillos Hills State Park at new mexico, Escalante Trail is approximately 0.4 miles long and is well traversed by horse riders due to its relatively easy and relaxed route.


Whether you are a seasoned equestrian or someone looking for a new hobby, Cerrillos Hills State Park provides a perfect setting to fully experience horseback riding. Make sure to respect the park’s guidelines and enjoy every bit of these horse-friendly trails. Happy trails to you!



Cerrillos Hills State Park, New Mexico. Accessed at www.emnrd.state.nm.us


Please note that trail accessibility can change due to weather or other conditions. Always check with the park before planning your outing.


Disclaimer: Please confirm on the official Cerrillos Hills State Park website or contact the park directly to get the most updated and accurate information about these trails. Trails that currently allow horses may change rules or conditions at any time.


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