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Cherokee National Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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The Best Horse Trails at Cherokee National Forest: Exploring Nature on Hoof


Immersing oneself in the splendor of nature has never been better than doing it on the back of a horse. For equestrian enthusiasts looking to explore the untamed wilderness, Cherokee National Forest offers an awe-inspiring playground. Nestled within the beautiful Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee, this expansive forest boasts some of the best horse trails in the region. From breathtaking mountain vistas to peaceful wooded trails, Cherokee National Forest has it all. So saddle up, because we're about to embark on a journey through the best horse trails the forest has to offer.


1. Chestnut Mountain Horse Trail:

Known for its unrivaled panoramic views of the Cherokee National Forest, the Chestnut Mountain Horse Trail is a must-ride for any equestrian adventure seeker. The trail spans approximately 17 miles, making it ideal for a day-long excursion. As you wind your way through the forest, you'll be treated to stunning overlooks and lush, green meadows. Keep an eye out for wildlife too, as this trail is home to a diverse array of animals, including deer, wild turkeys, and even black bears.


2. Unicoi Horse Trail:

Located in the southern portion of the forest, the Unicoi Horse Trail offers a peaceful and secluded experience. This trail system spans a total of 22 miles, meandering through dense forests, along streams, and across gently rolling hills. What makes this trail particularly special is its tranquility; you'll feel worlds away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Be sure to take a moment to soak in the serenity of the surrounding nature.


3. Iron Mountain Horse Trail:

If you're looking for a challenging yet rewarding horseback ride, the Iron Mountain Horse Trail is the perfect choice. As the most rugged trail in Cherokee National Forest, it attracts experienced riders seeking an adrenaline-pumping adventure. Spanning over 25 miles, this trail boasts steep climbs, rocky terrain, and dramatic changes in elevation. Riders will be treated to breathtaking views, pristine water sources, and the chance to spot wildlife in their natural habitats.


4. Paint Creek Corridor:

For a more leisurely and family-friendly horseback ride, the Paint Creek Corridor offers a pleasant and well-maintained trail. Spanning 13 miles, this scenic route takes riders alongside the serene Paint Creek and through picturesque meadows. With ample opportunities for picnicking and enjoying the peaceful sounds of the flowing creek, this trail is ideal for riders of all skill levels, including novices and families with children.


5. Big Creek Horse Trail:

As one of the most popular equestrian trails in Cherokee National Forest, the Big Creek Horse Trail never fails to leave riders in awe. Stretching over 15 miles, this trail features a mix of woodland and open meadows, making for a diverse and captivating experience. Riders will encounter an abundance of wildflowers, old-growth forests, and even pristine swimming spots along the creek.


Whether you're an experienced rider seeking thrills or a family looking to enjoy a peaceful outing, Cherokee National Forest has the perfect horse trail for you. With its majestic views, well-maintained paths, and diverse ecosystems, every ride through this national forest is bound to be a memorable one. So, grab your saddle, form a bond with your equine companion, and get ready to explore the wonders of Cherokee National Forest on hoof.