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Chickasaw State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Chickasaw State Park, Tennessee 


Hello, fellow horse lovers! Today, we will be discussing the horse-friendly trails available to us at the beautiful Chickasaw State Park in Tennessee. It turns out there’s quite an interesting array of destinations where we can take our four-legged friends. Without further ado, let's trot into it.


1. Wrangler's Trail


This trail is quite a lengthy one, spanning about 20 miles around Chickasaw State Park. It has been specifically designed for horseback riding - hence the name. Its terrain varies from small water crossings to flat and hilly terrains, providing a mixture of views. Of course, restrooms and shaded areas are available for your convenience. 


2. Joe Lewis Trail 


A pouplar among equestrians, the Joe Lewis Trail offers communication with nature and cool woodland air. This trail starts from the Wrangler Campground but is shorter (approximately 8 miles long). It provides modest elevation changes, making for a good ride and a fun day exploring the park. 


3. Forked Pine Trail


This is an excellent trail for those looking for a versatile riding experience. The Forked Pine Trail commences from the Wrangler camp, stretching for about 7 miles. It offers a variety of terrain that includes both creek crossings and open fields, making it ideal for horseback riding.


Remember, horses aren't currently available for rent at Chickasaw State Park, so bring along your own and enjoy the serene wildlife and beautiful scenes of these unique Tennessee trails. 


To ensure a pleasant visit, always call ahead to double-check trail conditions and bring the necessary gear. Chickasaw State Park continues its commitment to offering excellent horse-riding trails that guarantee great times for every equestrian enthusiast.



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