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Chugach National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Title: Exploring the Majestic Trails of Chugach National Forest on Horseback




Embracing the vast wilderness of Southcentral Alaska, the Chugach National Forest beckons adventurers from near and far to immerse themselves in its rugged beauty. With soaring peaks, pristine glaciers, and tranquil lakes, this extraordinary landscape offers a variety of horse riding trails that are sure to leave equestrians in awe. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a first-timer looking for a thrilling experience, here are some of the top horse trails in Chugach National Forest that should be on your bucket list.


1. Winner Creek Trail:


The Winner Creek Trail, located in Girdwood Valley, is a popular choice for equestrians seeking a diverse and breathtaking ride. Meandering through lush forests and alongside a stunning gorge, this trail offers incredible views of the surrounding mountains. Riders can witness the enchanting hand tram, and for those seeking a longer trip, the trail continues to the historic Crow Creek Mine. With well-maintained paths and a mix of shade and open meadows, Winner Creek Trail is an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels.


2. Byron Glacier Trail:


For a captivating experience amidst towering glaciers and alpine scenery, the Byron Glacier Trail is sure to leave you spellbound. This remarkable trail, located near Portage, offers a unique opportunity to explore the icy wonders of the Chugach Mountains on horseback. As you traverse through the valley, you'll be treated to stunning views of Byron Glacier's blue-tinged ice and cascading waterfalls. This trail is not only awe-inspiring but also provides ample chances to spot abundant wildlife, including mountain goats and Dall sheep.


3. Bird Creek Meadows Trail:


Nestled along the majestic Turnagain Arm, the Bird Creek Meadows Trail offers equestrians a chance to wander through a diverse landscape of dense forests, rolling meadows, and gentle hills. With the Chugach Mountains as a scenic backdrop, riders can appreciate the beauty of wildflowers in bloom during the summer months. Wildlife enthusiasts will be delighted with possible sightings of moose, black bears, and eagles. This trail offers a relaxed and enjoyable horse riding experience suitable for beginners and those seeking a peaceful adventure.


4. South Fork Eagle River Trail:


If you're seeking a more challenging and thrilling horse riding experience, the South Fork Eagle River Trail is a must-visit. Located near Eagle River, this stunning trail combines lush greenery with breathtaking mountain views and crystal-clear streams. As you ride deeper into the valley, the landscape becomes increasingly dramatic. The trail takes you through varied terrain, including steep inclines and rocky sections, providing an adrenaline rush for experienced riders. Prepare to be awed by snow-capped peaks, alpine lakes, and the enchanting beauty of the Eagle River.


5. Lost Lake Trail:


For riders yearning to truly immerse themselves in the untamed wilderness, the Lost Lake Trail in Seward is an exceptional choice. This trail offers a challenging yet rewarding journey, showcasing panoramic vistas and ample wildlife spotting opportunities. Traversing through valleys, wildflower meadows, and old-growth forests, horseback riders will be captivated by the pristine beauty of Lost Lake and its tranquil surroundings. This rugged trail is best suited for experienced riders and promises an unforgettable adventure.




The Chugach National Forest is a haven for equestrians, offering a wide array of horse trails suitable for all skill levels. From peaceful meadows to awe-inspiring glaciers, this Alaskan paradise allows riders to explore some of North America's most stunning landscapes from the back of a horse. Whether you choose to embark on an easygoing ride or a challenging expedition, these top horse trails in Chugach National Forest will undoubtedly leave you with indelible memories of your horseback adventure. So saddle up, and let the exploration begin!