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Cimarron National Grassland: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Cimarron National Grassland, located in southwestern Kansas, is a hidden gem for horseback riding enthusiasts. With its expansive grasslands, rolling hills, and scenic beauty, this national grassland offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore nature on horseback. Whether you're a seasoned equestrian or a beginner rider, you'll find plenty of trails to suit your preferences. In this article, we will explore some of the top horse trails in Cimarron National Grassland.


1. Santa Fe Trail


The Santa Fe Trail, a historic route that connected Missouri to Santa Fe, runs through Cimarron National Grassland and presents a fantastic opportunity for horseback riders. Following this historical trail allows riders to experience the heyday of western expansion while enjoying breathtaking vistas of the grassland and vast prairies. The trail is well-marked and offers a mix of open spaces and shady areas, making it an excellent choice for riders of all skill levels.


2. Prairie Trail Loop


For those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the grassland, the Prairie Trail Loop is a perfect choice. This six-mile trail meanders through rolling hills, expansive prairies, and wildflower-filled meadows. Riders can spot various wildlife, including pronghorn antelope, deer, and a variety of bird species. With its diverse terrain and stunning scenery, the Prairie Trail Loop provides an unforgettable horseback riding experience.


3. Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park


Adjacent to Cimarron National Grassland, Little Jerusalem Badlands State Park offers riders a unique geological landscape to explore. The park features towering chalk formations that create an otherworldly atmosphere for riders to experience. The trail system in the park is well-maintained, allowing riders to explore the breathtaking beauty of the badlands while enjoying panoramic views of the surrounding grasslands.


4. Yellow Brick Road Trail


This trail, aptly named after the famous road in "The Wizard of Oz," presents riders with a delightful adventure. The Yellow Brick Road Trail winds through dense shrubs, offering a more secluded and intimate experience. Riders will feel a strong connection with nature as they traverse the winding path, surrounded by tall grasses and wildflowers. The trail is suitable for riders of all levels and can be enjoyed year-round.


5. Cimarron River Trail


For riders who enjoy the calming sound of flowing water, the Cimarron River Trail is a must-visit. This trail follows the course of the Cimarron River, offering riders beautiful views of the water surrounded by lush vegetation. The trail is well-shaded, making it an excellent choice for hot summer days. Along the way, riders may spot various wildlife, including beavers, ducks, and muskrats. The Cimarron River Trail provides a serene and peaceful horseback riding experience.


Before embarking on your horseback riding adventure in Cimarron National Grassland, it's crucial to remember a few guidelines. Always check the trail conditions and weather forecast before heading out, as the grassland can be subject to extreme heat and unpredictable weather. Additionally, make sure to pack enough water and supplies for both you and your horse, as the grassland may not have readily available amenities. Lastly, be respectful of the surroundings and wildlife, and leave no trace behind to preserve the beauty of this unique ecosystem.


With its vast grasslands, diverse trails, and rich history, Cimarron National Grassland is a horseback rider's paradise. Whether you're seeking a leisurely ride through picturesque meadows or an adventurous excursion through the badlands, Cimarron National Grassland has it all. So saddle up and get ready to explore the beautiful trails that this national grassland has to offer.