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Cleveland National Forest Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Nestled in the beautiful landscape of Southern California, Cleveland National Forest is a haven for horseback riders seeking a thrilling and scenic trail riding experience. With its sprawling 460,000 acres, there's no shortage of incredible trails to explore on horseback. So, saddle up and get ready to discover some of the best horse trails Cleveland National Forest has to offer.


1. Trabuco Creek Trail: Located in the Trabuco District, this trail offers breathtaking views of the forest and streams. As you ride along the winding path, you'll be surrounded by towering trees and the soothing sound of the creek running alongside the trail. The trail stretches for approximately nine miles, taking riders through diverse terrain and offering opportunities to spot wildlife.


2. San Juan Loop Trail: Situated in the San Juan District, this trail is a beloved favorite among horse enthusiasts. With its well-maintained paths and sweeping vistas, riders will enjoy a pleasant and enjoyable experience. As you navigate through the gentle foothills, you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of mountains and the sparkling San Juan Creek.


3. Upper Holy Jim Trail: If you're up for a more challenging adventure, the Upper Holy Jim Trail is perfect for you. Located in the Trabuco District near the Santiago Peak, riders will traverse steep grades and rocky terrain while being surrounded by awe-inspiring views. This trail is an exhilarating option for experienced riders looking for an adrenaline rush.


4. San Mateo Canyon Wilderness: For equestrians seeking a longer excursion, the San Mateo Canyon Wilderness is a must-visit destination. As one of the largest wilderness areas in Southern California, it offers endless opportunities for horseback riding. With miles of trails nestled within a rugged and breathtaking landscape, riders can explore the diverse ecosystems, including scenic canyons, oak woodlands, and riparian areas.


5. Ortega Falls Trail: Located in the Trabuco Ranger District, this trail is a hidden gem for horseback riders. As you make your way through the forest, you'll encounter streams, wildflowers, and beautiful rock formations. The highlight of this trail is undoubtedly the stunning Ortega Falls, making it a favorite spot for riders to take a break and enjoy the natural beauty.


Remember, before embarking on your horseback riding adventure in Cleveland National Forest, it's essential to check the current trail conditions and obtain any necessary permits. Additionally, ensure your horse is in good health and well-prepared for the trail.


Cleveland National Forest offers a wealth of remarkable horse trails, each with its own unique charm and breathtaking scenery. Whether you're a seasoned rider seeking an exhilarating challenge or a leisurely trail rider looking to soak in nature's splendor, this forest has something to offer everyone. So, grab your saddles and embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure at Cleveland National Forest.