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Colorado Horse Camps | Equestrian Campgrounds in Colorado
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Explore the most popular horse camps in Colorado with this helpful list of equestrian campgrounds.  Each camp page includes maps, reservation information, nearby horse trails, and more!

M Lazy C Ranch

Miners Creek Trailhead

Ivy Creek Campground

Spring Creek Campground

Wigwam Trailhead

Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe Companion Trail

North Salt Creek Trailhead

Platte River Trail

Nate Stultz Trail

French Pass

Buffalo Peaks Trailhead

Browns Canyon

Elk Creek Dispersed Camping

9H Quarter Horses and Paints Horse Motel

Barton Land & Cattle

Big Iron Ranch

H2 Stables

Lost Creek Acres Horse Boarding and Hoteling

Double Check Arena

Interstate Stables

Wolfe Arena Horse Motel

Whole Heart Ranch

Aspenwood Stables

WZ Ranch

Andersen Farms

Windy Creek Ranch

The Diamond T

Elktrace Bed and Breakfast

Longacre Equine

Tally Ho Horse Hotel

Spring Hollow Ranch Colorado

Equine Escape

Hobo's Hideout Bed

Mesa Meadows Cottage

Don West Horse Hotel

Rimrock Adventures

South Shore Campground

Target Tree Campground

Soap Creek Campground

Shelf Road

Harmsen Ranch Guest House

Fairground Stalls

Jones Livery & Ranch

Rabbit Valley

Hobo's Hideout Horse Camp

Goose Creek Trailhead

Coal Creek Trailhead

Coal Canyon

Ponderosa Campground

Dry Gulch Campground

Kruger Equestrian Camp

Alpine Corrals

Picket Wire Canyonlands

Upper Hermosa Creek

Off Cow Camp Cabin

San Francisco Creek

Music Meadows Ranch

WMVSC Camping

Sun Canyon Ranch

Burro Bridge Campground

River Camp

Aspen Meadows Campground

Canyon Trails Ranch

Beaver Meadows Camping

Target Tree

Horse Ranch Park

Lost Lake

Erickson Springs

Pine River Campground

Lower Hermosa Campground

Transfer Park Campground

Bradfield Recreation Site

Hansons Mill

Woods Lake

Greenhorn Horse Hotel

Luders Creek

Coal Mesa / Soap Creek Horse Camp

Mueller State Park

M Lazy C / Mule Creek Outfitters

Thirtymile Dispersed Camp

Bruno Gulch

Overland Reservoir

Jouflas Campground

South Fork Camp & TH

Trappers Lake Horsethief Campground

Morapos Trailhead

Winding River Horse Camp

Freeman Reservoir Campground

Slumgullion Pass

Palisades Horse Camp

Purgatoire Campground

Indian Creek Equestrian Campground

Alvarado Campground

Mirror Lake Trailhead

Marvine Campground

East Marvine Campground

Kebler Corner

Jacks Gulch