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Colorado: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Colorado is renowned for its stunning landscapes and outdoor activities, and it is no surprise that it is a haven for equestrian enthusiasts. With vast mountain ranges, picturesque meadows, and winding trails, Colorado offers a wealth of options for horseback riding. From easy beginner-friendly paths to challenging routes for experienced riders, here are some of the top equestrian trails in Colorado.


1. Rocky Mountain National Park - Located in north-central Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park is a horseback rider's paradise. With over 355 miles of trails, riders can explore alpine lakes, verdant forests, and breathtaking mountain vistas. Some popular trails include the Glacier Basin Loop and the Timber Lake Trail.


2. Golden Gate Canyon State Park - Just thirty miles west of Denver, Golden Gate Canyon State Park offers a tranquil escape from city life. With nearly 35 miles of equestrian trails, riders can enjoy meandering through aspen groves, dense pine forests, and open meadows. The Mountain Lion Loop and the Raccoon Trail are great options within the park.


3. San Juan National Forest - Located in the southwestern part of the state, San Juan National Forest is a vast expanse of wilderness perfect for horseback riding. With over 1.8 million acres to explore, riders can enjoy diverse landscapes, from towering peaks to lush meadows. The Bear Creek Trail and the Hermosa Creek Trail are popular choices in this area.


4. Mueller State Park - Nestled in the scenic Pikes Peak region, Mueller State Park boasts over 50 miles of equestrian-friendly trails. Riders can revel in the beauty of wildflowers, aspen groves, and panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains. The Cheesman Ranch Loop and the Outlook Ridge Trail are must-rides within the park.


5. Mesa Verde National Park - Famous for its ancient cliff dwellings and rich cultural history, Mesa Verde National Park also offers equestrian trails for visitors to explore its unique terrain. Riders can traverse through canyons, mesa tops, and archaeological sites while enjoying stunning vistas of the surrounding landscapes.


6. Pike National Forest - Located southwest of Denver, Pike National Forest offers horse riders a vast playground. With over one million acres of trails, riders can venture through ponderosa pine forests, sparkling streams, and rolling hills. The Devil's Head Trail and the West Rampart Range Road are popular equestrian routes in this area.


7. Great Sand Dunes National Park - In the southern part of the state, equestrians can experience the mesmerizing beauty of the Great Sand Dunes National Park on horseback. Riders can gallop across the sprawling sand dunes or explore the surrounding Sangre de Cristo Mountains.


Before hitting the trails, it is essential to check the specific regulations and obtain any necessary permits. Additionally, riders should be well-prepared with appropriate gear, food, water, and first aid supplies. Safety should be a priority, so riders should be experienced and confident in their skills.


Whether you are a seasoned equestrian or a horseback riding enthusiast, Colorado offers an abundance of breathtaking trails for an unforgettable riding experience. From towering mountains to vast forests, Colorado's equestrian trails provide endless opportunities to connect with nature and enjoy the sheer beauty of the state. So saddle up, grab the reins, and embark on an unforgettable equestrian adventure in the stunning landscapes of Colorado.