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Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Exploring Equestrian Adventures: Horse-Friendly Trails at Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail, Oregon


Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail, nested in the wilderness of Oregon, offers countless trails within the system that accommodate a wide range of outdoor enthusiasts -- mountain bikers, hikers, and equestrians. Amongst these, there are specific trails where horses are expressly allowed, providing a unique opportunity for horse-lovers to explore the scenic beauty of this natural wonderland. 


1. **Sage Hen Hill Trail (#1611)** 

Welcome to Sage Hen Hill Trail, where horses are allowed to gallivant amongst wildflowers and mesmerizing views of Goose Lake. This trail, replete with pristine meadows and sage-covered hills, stretches nearly 10 miles, providing plenty of open space for a memorable equestrian journey.       



1. USDA Forest Service: Sage Hen Hill Trail #1611(


2. **Happy Camp Loop Trail (#1616)**

A longer adventure spanning almost 23 miles, Happy Camp Loop Trail offers horse-riders a more strenuous and stirring trek. This trail is also open for backpacking and camping, permitting multi-day horse riding trips, too.



1. USDA Forest Service: Happy Camp Loop Trail #1616(


3. **Crane Mountain Trail (#1614)**

Horse riders are especially fond of the Crane Mountain Trail for its wildlife viewing opportunities – from mule deer to redtail hawks, the trail is bursting with Oregon's native species. Enjoy a peaceful, relaxing horseback ride along the trail's 9.6 miles, meandering through Douglas firs and lodgepole pines.



1. USDA Forest Service: Crane Mountain Trail #1614(


Each of these trails, rich with the luxuries of nature, holds a special allure for horseback riders. But remember, while exploring these trails with your equine friends, do respect the rights of other trail users, and adhere to Leave No Trace principles to preserve the pristine beauty of Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail.


Please note, verification of whether horses are allowed on specific trails within Crane Mountain National Recreation Trail was undertaken through official sources, namely the USDA Forest Service's website, at the time of writing. Always check the latest information before embarking on your equestrian adventure.



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