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Cuivre River State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Guide to Horseback Riding Trails at Cuivre River State Park, Missouri


If you’re an equestrian searching for the perfect trails for horseback riding, then Cuivre River State Park in Missouri is just the place for you! This comprehensive guide will illuminate the specific routes where horses are welcome.


1. Lone Spring Trail

The first on our list is the Lone Spring Trail, an 8-mile round trip. This loop trail is primarily used for horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. It offers scenic overlooks and varying terrain that will keep both you and your horse engaged the entire trip. Be aware that it's shared use, so keep your horse under control.


2. Mossy Hill Trail

At 4 miles round trip, Mossy Hill Trail is a great route for riders of any skill level. The natural surface trail meanders through the woods and open fields, allowing a close-up view of the park’s beautiful flora and fauna. This trail also provides a cozy backcountry camping area for anyone looking to extend their adventure into the night!


3. Northwoods Trail

The Northwoods Trail is a 1-mile loop providing a quick, yet invigorating, ride. This trail boasts great biodiversity that encapsulates true Missouri wilderness. It's also suitable for novice riders, making it a perfect trail for a family horseback riding adventure.


4. Cuivre River Trail

Last but not least, is the adventurous Cuivre River Trail. At a staggering 11 miles long, this is the ultimate trail for experienced riders seeking a genuinely immersive horse riding experience. The trail features fantastic riverside views, hilly landscapes and an abundance of native Missouri wildlife.


Each one of these trails paints a unique portrait of the magnificent landscapes enclosed in the Cuivre River State Park. So saddle up, sit back, and lose yourself in the marvels of these equestrian-friendly trails. 


Remember, always ensure that you abide by the park's rules and practices. These include cleaning up after your horse, carrying proof of a horse's negative Coggins test, and just generally respecting the park's natural resources. All these measures ensure that you, your horse, and other park visitors have an enjoyable and comfortable experience within the park.



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Please note: This information is correct as of the date of publication. Always check with Cuivre River State Park directly to confirm the latest conditions and any restrictions in place before taking your horse on these trails.


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