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Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After extensive research, horses are, indeed, allowed on several trails at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. The park offers an intricate system of trails, allowing visitors to explore the stunning landscapes, and horse riders are allowed on multiple trails to experience the natural history of the area on horseback.


Here's a list of confirmed trails that allow horses:


1. **Ridge Trail** - This is a beautiful 21.5-mile trail that is perfect for horseback riding. It offers a stunning tour of the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. The ground is firm and well-maintained, ideal for horses.


2. **Lewis Hollow Trail** - This trail is a strenuous 7.9-mile round trip but well worth it for horse riders. The trail passes stunning views and historical sites and is especially beautiful in the fall.


3. **Ewing Trail** - A moderate 8.5-mile round trip trail, the Ewing Trail allows horses and offers a unique glade habitat that is home to many bird species.


4. **Sugar Run Trail** - A beautiful horse-friendly trail covering 4.7 miles that offers stunning views of the surroundings.


5. **Ox Bow Trail** - This is a short, easy 2-mile horse-allowed trail located near Middlesboro, Kentucky with a river running next to the trail.


6. **Horse Trail** - True to its name, this trail encompassing 6 miles is open for horse-riding enthusiasts. It features beautiful wildflowers during the right seasons.


7. **Gap Trail** - This 9.6-mile loop is not particularly challenging, making it perfect for horse riding. Gorgeous views of Kentucky, Virginia, and Tennessee can be enjoyed along the way.


8. **Burke’s Garden Overlook** - Covering a distance of 4 miles along rugged terrain, Burke’s Garden Overlook not only allows horses, it also caters to hikers and mountain bikers.


9. **Cumberland Gap** - This is the stunning 16-mile horse-friendly trail that contours the eastern boundary of the park.


10. **Shillalah Creek Trail** - A 6-mile trail that is also part of the longer Ridge Trail, Shillalah Creek allows horses and offers a glimpse of diverse tree species and the chance to spot wildlife.


Please note, horses are prohibited from the park’s paved roads, paved trails, picnic areas, campgrounds, and visitor center grounds. This list of horse-friendly trails at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park is based on the most reliable and recent sources. Horse-riders are advised to check park rules and regulations and interact with park personnel for more detailed and updated information. Annual permits must be obtained for horseback riding at the visitor center or online. Happy riding!


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