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Delaware State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Giddy up! Horse-friendly Trails at Delaware State Park


Are you a horseback riding enthusiast looking for new, beautiful paths to explore? Or perhaps a visitor looking to experience the scenic nature of Delaware on horseback? We have some great news! Delaware State Park has an array of trails open to equestrians. With breath-taking landscapes beckoning riders, it's time to saddle-up for some serene outdoor adventure!


1. **Bridle Trail**

Following the shallow valleys and gullies of Delaware State Park, the Bridle Trail allows horseback riders to enjoy a peaceful ride in the natural beauty. It extends for 5 miles, offering you and your horse an invigorating journey. Remember, keep your riding at a leisurely pace to ensure stable footing!


2. **Mountain Bike Trail**

Don’t let the name fool you - this 7-mile trail, with its varied terrain and stunning views, is not exclusive to cyclists. Equestrians are allowed to share the path, making it a picturesque horseback riding experience. Good company, great sights, and a compelling journey await you and your four-legged friend!


3. **Running Deer & Adena Trace**

Comprising interconnected loops that culminate to 2.5 miles, this circular trail offers horseback riders an unforgettable stroll. Riders find themselves in midst of the thriving woodland, leading to an immersive nature-focused journey. It is an excellent choice to acquaint yourself with the park’s wildlife.


4. **Campground Trail**

This trail offers a rewarding ride for the whole family, as it connects you directly from the campground to the beach. You can enjoy a comfortable ride on horseback under the shadow of towering trees, and conclude your day with a tranquil beachside sunset. It’s a 3-mile path of sheer bliss!


Every rider knows that safety and respect for nature come first. Keep an eye out for other trail users and remember to pick up after your horse. 


Bridle up and ride out on these welcoming pathways at Delaware State Park! Happy riding!



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