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Dinosaur Valley State Park Horse Trails | Dec 2023 | Top Horse Trails
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After conducting thorough research, it appears that Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas does indeed permit horseback riding on certain trails according to the official Texas Parks & Wildlife Department website.


Here is a list of specific trails within Dinosaur Valley State Park where horses are allowed:


1. **South Primitive Area**: The South Primitive Area offers a wide expanse of trails perfectly suited for horseback riding. This area is not heavily trafficked by hikers, providing horse riders a peaceful, natural setting to explore.


2. **Trinity Trails**: Trinity Trails is available for horseback riding, stretching through beautiful terrain in Dinosaur Valley State Park. This trail provides an engaging route for horse enthusiasts. 


3. **Cedar Brake Outer Loop**: This expansive 4.5-mile trail loop is open for horses and offers amazing views of the park for riders to enjoy. 


4. **Buckeye Trail**: This 1.5-mile trail is suitable for horseback riding. It provides an excellent opportunity to traverse the diverse landscapes of Dinosaur Valley State Park.


It is important to note that bringing your own horse is required as the park does not provide horses. Riders are encouraged to use caution, as some trails may be difficult due to steep, rocky, or muddy conditions. It's worth checking with the park rangers for up-to-date trail conditions and rules before setting out. 


Please carry water for both you and your horse, stay on designated trails, and pick up after your horse to prevent manure from impacting the park's ecosystem. These steps will ensure that trails remain open and enjoyable for horseback riding in the future. 


Dinosaur Valley State Park is a gem featuring outdoor recreational activities for nature lovers and horse enthusiasts. Enjoy the beauty of the park from the distinctive vantage point offered when riding horseback.


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