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Dinosaur Valley State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: A Horseman's Guide to Dinosaur Valley State Park: Top Trails for Horseback Riding


If you're a horse enthusiast planning a trip to the scenic Dinosaur Valley State Park in Texas, you're in for a treat. The park offers a number of excellent trails that not only allow but welcome horseback riders. Here are a few trails you should definitely put on your must-ride list:


1. **Cedar Brake Trail**


At approximately 5.5 miles long, the Cedar Brake Trail is the longest horse-friendly trail in the park. The trail can be strenuous, navigating a mix of rocky and smooth terrains, still, it offers some incredible views. Tranquil wooded areas will guide you toward the park's western boundary. Expect to cross several dry creek beds and climb some steep inclines.


2. **South Primitive Trail**


At a less challenging 2.5 miles, the South Primitive Trail snakes through less-trodden parts of the park, offering a more secluded experience. It's an ideal trail for those looking for a more relaxed ride. The trail offers a mix of open grasslands and covered forest, allowing riders and their horses an experience of diverse ecosystems.


3. **North Primitive Trail**


Similar to its southern counterpart, the North Primitive Trail adds a distance of 2 miles of lesser-known but equally beautiful trail for horseback riders to enjoy. It skirts along the edge of the park and provides riders a chance to engage with the park's natural beauty in absolute peace.


Please remember, Texas State Parks requires all equestrians to have a valid Coggins document for their horse. Make sure that your equine companions wear halter and lead rope or bridle at all times, and tie them up only when you can supervise them directly.


So saddle up and embark on an unforgettable adventure exploring the beauty of Dinosaur Valley State Park on your faithful steed. 




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