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Discover Tranquility and Adventure at Tuchuck Campground in Montana
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Tuchuck Campground in Montana | Top Horse Trails

Nestled high in the rugged expanse of the Whitefish Range, Tuchuck Campground beckons nature enthusiasts and equestrians to experience the beauty and serenity of Montana's wilderness. With its secluded campsites, access to pristine trails, and equestrian-friendly facilities, Tuchuck Campground offers a haven for those seeking a true escape into the heart of nature.

A Hidden Gem in the Whitefish Range

Tuchuck Campground, situated in the Flathead National Forest of northwest Montana, is a hidden gem awaiting discovery by those with an adventurous spirit. Perched at an elevation of 4,500 feet, this campground spans 2 acres and features 7 designated campsites that offer a sense of seclusion and tranquility. As you arrive at Tuchuck Campground, you'll immediately feel a sense of connection with the pristine surroundings, as towering trees and unspoiled landscapes create a backdrop of natural splendor.

A Sanctuary for Equestrians

For equestrians, Tuchuck Campground is a dream come true. The campground is thoughtfully designed to accommodate both horses and their riders, ensuring that every aspect of your equine adventure is well taken care of. Equestrian amenities include feed bunks to keep your horses well-fed, hitch rails for easy tethering, and a vault toilet for your convenience. Additionally, a loading ramp is provided, allowing you to easily load and unload your equine companions. With these facilities in place, Tuchuck Campground becomes a haven for riders who want to explore the surrounding trails on horseback.

Gateway to Adventure

Tuchuck Campground isn't just a destination; it's a gateway to adventure. Nearby, you'll find a network of trailheads that lead you to some of Montana's most breathtaking landscapes. Whether you're on foot or on horseback, these trails invite you to explore the beauty of the Whitefish Range, offering vistas that will leave you in awe. As you traverse the trails, keep an eye out for wildlife, observe the changing flora with the seasons, and immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the wilderness.

Essentials for a Memorable Stay

While Tuchuck Campground offers a rustic experience, it ensures that your essential needs are met. A vault toilet provides the necessary facilities, and it's recommended that you bring your own drinking water to stay hydrated during your stay. Fishing enthusiasts will also find opportunities to cast their lines in nearby waters, adding to the appeal of this secluded retreat. For those traveling with trailers, please note that the maximum recommended trailer length for the area is 22 feet, ensuring a comfortable and safe stay for all visitors.

Embrace Nature's Bounty

Tuchuck Campground invites you to disconnect from the noise of everyday life and reconnect with the natural world. With its remote location, equestrian facilities, and access to pristine trails, this campground provides a canvas upon which you can paint your own outdoor adventure. Whether you seek solitude, a bonding experience with your horses, or a chance to explore the untamed landscapes of Montana, Tuchuck Campground stands ready to welcome you into its embrace and offer an unforgettable escape into the heart of the wilderness.



From Whitefish, 21 miles north on US 93, east 11 miles on Graves Creek Road, then 12 miles east on Rd #114. Approximately 50 miles north of Columbia Falls on the North Fork Road, west on Rd #114 to the campground.


Tuchuck Campground offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Feed bunks
  • Hitch rails
  • Vault toilet
  • Load ramp
  • Picnic tables
  • Trailheads



  • Access opening date varies. For condition information call Hungry Horse-Glacier View RD, 406-314 day camping limit87-3800.


Cost Details:

  • Free to use


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Tuchuck Campground does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Tuchuck Campground for more information.