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East Fork State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Horse-Friendly Trails at East Fork State Park, Ohio


Are you a horse riding enthusiast looking for great trails in Ohio? Grab your riding gear and head to East Fork State Park, home to five verified horse-friendly trails. This park in the Buckeye State encourages thoughtful enjoyment of nature and horse lovers are welcome! Here are the equestrian-friendly trails ready for exploration.


1. **Red Fox Trail**


   Having a length of four miles and breathtaking scenery to enjoy, the Red Fox Trail is definitely a favorite among riders. Perfect for an unhurried ride, this trail meanders through woodlands and fields in the northern part of the park. This trail offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife spotting.


2. **Blue Heron Trail**


   Blue Heron Trail is a six-mile trail that can take you on an adventurous journey through the park's diverse flora. This trail places riders right beside the calming waters of William H. Harsha Lake, providing an unforgettable experience. Take note, Blue Heron is also linked to Red Fox Trail for those seeking an extended ride.


3. **Whippoorwill Trail**


   With a length of 2.8 miles, the Whippoorwill Trail is perfect for riders looking for a quick outing. Don’t let the shorter distance fool you. This trail requires more technical riding skills since it has some noticeable elevation changes and a few rocky areas.


4. **Tanager Woods Trail**


   Comprising of 1.2 miles, Tanager Woods Trail offers a unique ride framed by wildflower fields and hardwood stands. The short length makes it a great option for novice riders or those looking for a short yet satisfying ride through the Ohio wilderness.


5. **Hawk Woods Trail**


   Offering a well-rounded equestrian experience, the Hawk Woods Trail stretches 3.4 miles and is a great choice for riders of all levels. This trail covers a varied terrain, from quiet woods to open fields, guaranteeing a memorable ride.


Always remember to respect the trail rules and regulations put in place for the safety and enjoyment of all visitors. Explore these equestrian-friendly trails at East Fork State Park and discover the beauty of Ohio on horseback!




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