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El Yunque National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Top Horse Trails in El Yunque National Forest


El Yunque National Forest, located in Puerto Rico, is a lush and vibrant tropical paradise offering breathtaking views, diverse flora and fauna, and an array of outdoor activities. Among these activities, horseback riding is a popular choice for exploring the forest's natural wonders. With its well-maintained trails and scenic landscapes, El Yunque offers equestrians the opportunity to have a unique and memorable experience. Here are some of the top horse trails in El Yunque National Forest.


1. Big Tree Trail

The Big Tree Trail is a picturesque route that takes riders through the heart of El Yunque's dense, emerald-green forest. This trail offers stunning views of the towering trees and cascading waterfalls. The path is well-maintained, making it suitable for riders of all skill levels. Keep an eye out for the famous El Yunque Parrot, as this trail is known for its birdwatching opportunities.


2. Caimitillo Trail

For a longer and more challenging ride, the Caimitillo Trail is an excellent choice. This trail is known for its diverse flora and fauna, including exotic orchids and bromeliads. As you trot through the forest, you will encounter beautiful mountain streams and refreshing waterfalls. The trail also provides scenic overlooks, allowing riders to take in panoramic views of the forest below.


3. Mount Britton Trail

The Mount Britton Trail is a must-ride for experienced equestrians seeking a thrilling adventure. This trail takes riders to the summit of Mount Britton, where they will be rewarded with breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys and the Caribbean Sea. As you ascend, be prepared for narrow paths and steep terrain. Remember to bring your camera to capture the incredible vistas.


4. La Coca Trail

The La Coca Trail is a horseback rider's delight, offering a combination of tropical rainforest beauty and thrilling riding experiences. This trail winds through lush vegetation, majestic bamboo forests, and rocky terrain. Along the way, you may spot exotic wildlife such as the Puerto Rican Broad-winged Hawk and Coqui frogs. Make sure to take a break at La Coca Falls, a stunning waterfall that cascades down the mountainside.


5. La Mina Trail

If you are looking for a trail that combines horseback riding with the opportunity to cool off in a refreshing natural pool, then the La Mina Trail is perfect for you. This trail includes a visit to La Mina Falls, a serene waterfall where riders can dismount and enjoy a refreshing swim. The ride to the falls is gentle and relaxing, making it suitable for riders of all levels.


Before embarking on your horseback riding adventure in El Yunque, it is essential to choose a reputable tour operator that offers well-trained horses and knowledgeable guides. They will ensure that your ride is safe, enjoyable, and respectful of the forest environment.


Remember to dress comfortably and come prepared with sun protection, insect repellent, and plenty of water. Respect the forest's rules and regulations, as El Yunque is a protected area with sensitive ecosystems.


Exploring the top horse trails in El Yunque National Forest is an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and horse lovers alike. As you ride through the forest's enchanting landscapes, you will create lasting memories in this tropical paradise.