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Embark on Equestrian Adventure at Long Cane Horse Trail in South Carolina
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Long Cane Horse Trail in South Carolina | Top Horse Trails

Discover the enchanting allure of the Long Cane Horse Trail, a captivating equestrian haven nestled in the northern reaches of the Long Cane Ranger District. Spanning an impressive 26.7-mile loop, this trail winds its way through the heart of the Long Cane Scenic Area, offering riders a mesmerizing journey through picturesque landscapes of pines, hardwoods, and captivating natural wonders.

Unveiling Natural Beauty and Historical Treasures

Long Cane Horse Trail promises not only the thrill of horseback riding but also the opportunity to immerse oneself in the history and natural splendor of South Carolina. As riders navigate the trail, they'll encounter the largest shagbark hickory tree in the United States, a remarkable testament to the region's rich biodiversity. The trail's ambiance is further enriched by a historic cemetery and the traces of the original "Charleston Road," offering a glimpse into the past as riders forge their way through the present.

Flexibility and Tailored Riding Experiences

One of the key features that sets the Long Cane Horse Trail apart is its adaptability to riders of all preferences and levels of experience. The trail's ingenious layout encompasses numerous access points and a convenient cut-through, allowing equestrians to customize the length and duration of their ride. Whether seeking a leisurely jaunt or a more extended adventure, riders can easily tailor their experience to suit their desires.

A Riding Sanctuary at Fell Camp

The journey commences at the Fell Camp, a trailhead that embodies convenience and accessibility. The open expanse of grass fields provides ample parking space, ensuring a stress-free arrival and departure. Once riders set off, they are enveloped by the tranquility of the surrounding forest, where hardwoods and pines coexist in a captivating dance of nature.

Echoes of the Past and Floral Splendors

Immersed in the equestrian voyage along Long Cane Horse Trail, riders tread the very path once traveled by settlers who planted shagbark oak trees in the 1700s. These historic echoes add depth to the experience, as interpretive signs unfold tales of the trail's storied history. Along the way, riders are treated to the spectacle of abundant dogwoods in full bloom during spring, while the air becomes infused with the aromatic allure of yellow jasmine.

Wildlife Encounters and Beyond

As riders meander through this enchanting landscape, it's not uncommon to encounter the area's native inhabitants. Majestic deer and elusive wild turkeys frequently make appearances, adding a touch of wildlife enchantment to the journey. With the charm of each season, from vibrant springs to golden autumns, Long Cane Horse Trail ensures every ride is a unique and rewarding experience.

The Long Cane Horse Trail beckons to those who seek an equestrian escape, where the beauty of nature intertwines with echoes of history. With its adaptable trails, rich historical tapestry, and captivating flora and fauna, this trail offers an enticing journey through the heart of South Carolina's natural and cultural wonders.



From Greenwood Mall (also known as Cross Creek Mall), take Hwy 72 west towards Abbeville for 1.3 miles. Turn left onto Calhoun Road and travel 1.7 miles. Turn right onto Hwy 10 and travel 6.2 miles. Turn right onto S 24-4 and travel 2.4 miles to the entrance on the left. Turn right into the entrance.


Long Cane Horse Trail offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • Vault toilet
  • Grass and gravel parking
  • Information board
  • Picnic shelter
  • Garbage cans
  • Water
  • Hitching post and tie rails


Horse Riding: Natural; dirt, gravel, or paved roads may be encountered


Cost Details:

  • $ 3-day use fee per vehicle for visitors to Fell Camp Self-serve fee station



  • Avoid trail use during the first two weeks of rifle deer season. Wear blaze orange. Be mindful of traffic when traveling on or crossing roads. Shooting is not permitted within 300 yards of the camp. A specialized permit is required for organized rides of 12 or more and overnight camping along the trail.


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Long Cane Horse Trail does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Long Cane Horse Trail for more information