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Unleash Your Inner Equestrian at Cody Horse Camp
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Cody Horse Camp in Washington | Top Horse Trails

For horse enthusiasts and nature lovers, Cody Horse Camp is not just another campground; it's an oasis of equine adventure nestled amidst the magnificent landscapes of Washington State. This campsite, boasting 16 pull-through sites, is a paradise for those who love to explore the wilderness on horseback.

Unparalleled Convenience

One of the standout features of Cody Horse Camp is the thoughtful design that caters to riders and their majestic steeds. With a mounting assist ramp and water trough at your disposal, preparing for your equestrian journey couldn't be more convenient.

Trail-Riding Haven

Cody Horse Camp doesn't just stop at offering excellent campsites. It's also a gateway to a world of trails and scenic wonders. If you're seeking the thrill of the trail, you're in for a treat. Within the camp, a day-use trailhead opens the door to the Klickitat Loop Trail #7A, inviting you to explore a labyrinth of breathtaking landscapes.

Venture south along the Klickitat, where riders can link up with the Spring Creek Trail #115 and the High Lakes Trail #116. Here, the scenery evolves from dense forests to expansive, rugged terrain, promising an ever-changing and unforgettable riding experience.

Shaded Retreat

Amidst a lush stand of mixed conifers and lodgepole pines, Cody Horse Camp provides a cool, shaded refuge from the summer sun. The generous forest canopy offers respite for both riders and their equine companions, making it an ideal place to unwind after a day of exploring the wilderness.

Designed for Equestrians

Cody Horse Camp doesn't just cater to your riding needs; it excels in it. Each campsite is equipped with highline poles, ensuring your horses have a safe and comfortable spot to rest. Long pull-through parking areas make maneuvering trailers a breeze, adding to the convenience and functionality of this well-planned campground.

Tailored for Day and Overnight Riders

Whether you're a day-tripper or an overnight adventurer, Cody Horse Camp welcomes you. If you're just out for the day, the camp's day-use trailhead sets the stage for unforgettable explorations. But for those seeking a multi-day escapade, this camp offers the perfect base to embark on more extended journeys into the great outdoors.

Plan Your Cody Horse Camp Experience

Cody Horse Camp isn't just a place to rest your head (or should we say, your hat). It's the starting point for memorable equestrian expeditions through the stunning landscapes of Washington. Whether you're an experienced rider or new to the world of horseback exploration, this campsite invites you to create memories in the heart of nature.

So, saddle up and experience Washington's wilderness from a different perspective. Cody Horse Camp beckons you to embark on a journey you'll cherish for years to come. Your next horseback adventure starts here.



From Randle, Washington travel south on State Highway 131 (Forest Roads 23 and 25). Veer left in 1 mile at the Y of Forest Road 23 and Forest Road 25. Continue to follow Forest Service Road 23 for 17.5 miles then turn left onto Forest Road 21. Follow Forest Road 21 for 4.6 miles and turn right onto Forest Road 56. Follow Forest Road 56 for 4.9 miles and turn right on Forest Road 5600059. Follow Forest Road 5600059 for .1 miles and turn left into the campground.


Cody Horse Camp offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • 16 pull-through campsites
  • Mounting assist ramp
  • Water trough
  • Highline poles
  • Long pull-through parking
  • Equestrian trailhead
  • Vault Toilet
  • Potable Water


Horse Camping

Campground includes a mounting assist ramp and water trough. This campground features 16 pull-through campsites in a stand of mixed conifers. All sites have highline poles and long pull-through parking. The many trees provide plenty of shade, but not much space for portable corrals.


Cost Details:

  • Camping: $18/Site Extra Vehicle: $8



  • If no concessionaire is onsite please pay fee at tube. If the fee tube is not open, please follow dispersed camping rules. When it is open the campground has first come first serve sites. For more information contact ExplorUS at 661-702-1420.
  • 50% discount for single site camping fee, or day use fee, with any of these passes: Interagency Senior, Interagency Access, Golden Age, or Golden Access.


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Cody Horse Camp does not require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - Cody Horse Camp for more information