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Escudilla National Recreation Trail Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Cantering Through Arizona: Horse-Friendly Trails in Escudilla National Recreation Trail


Are you a rider looking to explore the scenic beauty of Arizona on horseback? Then saddle up and make your way to the Escudilla National Recreation Trail, a stunning, hilly environment for equestrians looking for an adventure. This blog post exclusively compiles the trails in this area that welcome riders and their horses. Let's ride!


1. Escudilla National Recreation Trail #308

The Escudilla Trail #308 is a horse-friendly trail welcoming equestrians to experience a thrilling ride, surrounded by the splendid natural beauty of the forest. The trail offers a moderate challenge, spanning approximately six miles through the region's high peaks and bountiful wildlife. Truly a ride to cherish, this trail culminates at the Escudilla Lookout, where you're rewarded with a spectacular view of the park's lavish greenery. 


2. Government Springs Trail #119

Government Springs Trail #119 is open to horses and offers a diverse terrain to navigate, with its intersecting streams and abundance of wildflowers. Winding through aspen and spruce landscapes for about four miles, the trail is not only a favorite for horsebacks, but also for hikers and wildlife photographers. 


Please note that these are the primary trails within the Escudilla National Recreation Trail that allows horses according to the most recent data available. Rules and access to trails can be subject to change, so please always refer to the official U.S. Forest Service website or local ranger station for the most current information. 


Remember, all who visit these trails should follow Leave No Trace principles - this ensures the conservation of these beautiful spaces for future generations of riders. Happy trails!




1. Escudilla National Recreation Trail — Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests | U.S. Forest Service



2. Government Springs Trail — Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests | U.S. Forest Service




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