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Evansburg State Park Horse Trails | Jan 2024 | Top Horse Trails
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Title: Equestrian-Friendly Trails at Evansburg State Park, Pennsylvania


If you're looking for an exclusive equestrian experience, Evansburg State Park in Pennsylvania is your ideal destination. With several state park trails designated particularly for horseback riding, it's the perfect place for riders of all skills. So, saddle up and check out these horse-friendly trails at Evansburg State Park!


1. **Horse Trail**

   One of the main trails at Evansburg State Park is appropriately named the Horse Trail. This 4.3 Mile round trip trail offers a variety of sceneries. From open fields to woodland tracks, the Horse Trail provides an immersive equestrian experience.


2. **Mill Race Trail**

   While the Mill Race Trail is also open to hikers, horseback riders often use this trail. Flowing alongside the beautiful Skippack Creek for approximately 1.5 miles, it offers riders and their horses a serene journey.


3. **Friedt Park Trail**

   With a length of approximately 2.2 miles round trip, the Friedt Park Trail is equally suitable for both hikers and horse riders. Its mixed terrain of woodland and open fields present a real equestrian adventure.


4. **Skippack Creek Trail**

   The beautiful Skippack Creek Trail, covering 2.3 miles round trip, welcomes horses. It's a peaceful journey along the creek, providing a wonderful environment for both horse and rider.


5. **Cedar Hill Road Trail**

   This lengthy 5.5-mile trail is another favorite among horseback riders visiting the Park. The Cedar Hill Road Trail introduces stunning views of the Creek and offers a perfect setup for a long ride. 


Riders who seek an equestrian rendezvous are welcome on these trails, designed to ensure the safety and enjoyment of both horse and rider. Evansburg State Park's diverse natural features provide horseback riders with an exhilarating outdoor adventure.


Do remember to follow the park's rules and etiquette while enjoying the equestrian trails. Always practice leave no trace principles, including packing out all waste, respecting wildlife, and being considerate of other trail users.




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Evansburg State Park Trail Map: 


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