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Explore the Breathtaking Beauty of Northern California at NorCal Riding Stables
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NorCal Riding Stables in California | Top Horse Trails

In the heart of Northern California, horse enthusiasts of all experience levels find their perfect haven at NorCal Riding Stables. Offering safe and comfortable trail rides and lessons since 2008, this equestrian oasis provides a scenic journey along the picturesque Sacramento River, where wildlife sightings are a common delight. With a team of experienced wranglers and gentle horses, NorCal Riding Stables invites riders to embark on worry-free adventures in the stunning natural landscapes that surround them.

Unforgettable Trail Rides by the Sacramento River

NorCal Riding Stables takes pride in delivering memorable trail rides that showcase the mesmerizing beauty of Northern California. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a complete beginner, the stables cater to all experience levels, ensuring that every guest can relish in the serenity of the Sacramento River's shores. The guided trail rides are led by experienced wranglers who possess a deep knowledge of the area and a passion for sharing its wonders. Riders can expect to encounter an array of wildlife as they meander through the scenic routes, creating an unforgettable connection with nature.

Lessons for All Ages and Skill Levels

For those seeking to refine their equestrian skills, NorCal Riding Stables offers lessons to the public, cultivating a nurturing and encouraging learning environment. Since its inception 14 years ago, the stables have been devoted to providing top-notch instruction to riders of all ages. Their team of skilled instructors not only possesses a wealth of experience but also a natural talent for teaching, especially when working with children. The stables' safe and gentle horses ensure a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience, instilling confidence in riders as they grow and develop their horsemanship skills.

Safety Above All Else

At NorCal Riding Stables, safety reigns supreme. With a dedicated focus on ensuring worry-free rides for all guests, the stables take extensive measures to guarantee the well-being of both riders and horses. Rides are available seven days a week throughout the year, allowing riders to partake in their equestrian adventures in almost any season or weather. Children aged eight and above are welcome to join the trail rides, while younger ones can still enjoy lessons and horseback experiences within the stables' well-equipped arenas.

Special Occasions Made Extraordinary

NorCal Riding Stables also offers the perfect setting for making special days even more exceptional. Whether it's a birthday celebration, a family outing, or a romantic escape, the stables can curate a unique and unforgettable equestrian experience that leaves lasting memories for all involved.

NorCal Riding Stables offers the following facilities and amenities:

  • 12×12 with a private small run
  • Turnouts 5 days a week (weather permitting)
  • Automatic water
  • Indoor arena
  • Outdoor arena
  • Round pen
  • Wash racks
  • Tack room
  • 3 miles from Anderson River Park
  • Trailer parking
  • Trail riding a few miles away along the Sacramento River
  • Outdoor arena 160×100
  • 25 Stall Barn


At NorCal Riding Stables, the majesty of Northern California's landscapes is the backdrop for an array of horseback adventures and equestrian lessons. With their commitment to safety, excellent instructors, and gentle horses, riders of all skill levels can bask in the scenic beauty of the Sacramento River while enjoying the company of abundant wildlife. For a remarkable and unforgettable equestrian experience, NorCal Riding Stables promises to deliver a journey through Northern California's natural wonders that will linger in the hearts of visitors for years to come.


For more information:

Call them at (530) 515-8958  or send an email. They are located in Anderson, eight miles south of Redding, right off I5.


Cost Details:

  • Horse Hotel A - $35 for a box stall 12×12 with a small run per year
  • Horse Hotel B - $13 for a bag of shavings
  • Horse Hotel C - $200 weekly stays
  • Boarding - $550 for 1 month
  • Contact them for more details.


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NorCal Riding Stables does require reservations for overnight accommodations. Please visit their page here on Top Horse Trails - NorCal Riding Stables for more information.