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Flathead National Forest: Top Horse Trails | July 2023
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Exploring the Great Outdoors: The Top Horse Trails in Flathead National Forest


Nestled in the heart of Montana's Rocky Mountains, Flathead National Forest is a haven of natural beauty, wilderness, and endless possibilities for outdoor enthusiasts. With its breathtaking landscapes, diverse wildlife, and extensive trail system, it's a paradise for horseback riding enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a beginner looking for a new adventure, Flathead National Forest offers a variety of horse trails that will take you through stunning alpine meadows, dense forests, and to picturesque mountain vistas. Here are the top horse trails in the area:


1. Jewel Basin


Known for its pristine lakes and panoramic views, the Jewel Basin trail system is a must-ride destination for horseback riders. Located in the Swan Mountain Range, this area offers an extensive network of trails, covering over 15,000 acres. The trails vary in difficulty, providing options for riders of all skill levels. As you trek through the wildflower-strewn meadows, keep your eyes open for an array of wildlife, including mule deer, elk, and mountain goats. Don't forget to stop by Jewel Lake, a hidden gem nestled in the mountains, perfect for a refreshing break.


2. Holland Lake


Situated near Seeley Lake, the Holland Lake trail provides a picturesque and tranquil horseback riding experience. The trail winds through a beautiful forest of towering cedars, Douglas-firs, and western larches. You'll have the opportunity to ride along crystal-clear streams and catch glimpses of cascading waterfalls. As you ascend further up the trail, a stunning view of Holland Lake and the surrounding peaks will greet you. The trail is relatively easy, making it an excellent choice for riders looking for a leisurely ride in a serene and scenic environment.


3. Hungry Horse Reservoir


If you're seeking a longer horseback riding adventure, the trails around Hungry Horse Reservoir won't disappoint. With over 34 miles of shoreline, this vast reservoir offers several trails that wind through the surrounding mountains and provide breathtaking views of the water below. The trails in this area range in difficulty, from gentle scenic rides along the lake to more challenging routes that lead to remote backcountry areas. Keep your camera handy, as you may encounter wildlife such as black bears, bald eagles, and moose.


4. Spotted Bear


For those looking to venture off the beaten path and explore the deeper wilderness, Spotted Bear is the perfect choice. This remote and wild area offers an extensive trail system that will immerse you in the heart of Flathead National Forest. Ride through dense forests, cross clear mountain streams, and breathe in the crisp, refreshing air. The trails in Spotted Bear offer a rugged and authentic Montana experience that will leave you with a sense of adventure and a deeper connection to nature.


While exploring these incredible horseback riding trails, it's important to remember a few essential tips. Always pack enough water and snacks for yourself and your horse, wear appropriate clothing and sturdy footwear, and be mindful of your surroundings. It's also crucial to practice responsible trail etiquette, respecting the environment, and other trail users.


Flathead National Forest is a true haven for horse enthusiasts, offering an array of trails that cater to riders of all abilities. So why not saddle up, explore the beauty of Montana's Rocky Mountains, and enjoy an unforgettable horseback riding adventure in Flathead National Forest?