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Fort Custer State Park Horse Trails | Top Horse Trails
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Fort Custer State Park, located in Augusta, Michigan, is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts and horseback riders. With over 20 miles of well-maintained trails that wind through picturesque landscapes, equestrians are treated to some of the best horseback riding opportunities in the region. In this article, we will explore some of the best horse trails that Fort Custer State Park has to offer.


One of the most iconic trails at Fort Custer State Park is the Yellow Loop Trail. This trail spans approximately six miles and provides riders with a diverse range of scenery. From dense forests to open meadows, the Yellow Loop Trail offers a little something for everyone. You'll ride alongside creeks and rivers, cross wooden bridges, and experience beautiful vistas along the way. This trail is perfect for riders of all skill levels, and it is not uncommon to encounter other equestrians enjoying the beauty of the park.


For those seeking a more challenging ride, the Red and White Loop Trail offers a thrilling adventure. Covering about eight miles, this trail takes riders through hilly terrain and rugged landscapes. Along the way, you'll encounter steep slopes, rocky paths, and breathtaking views. This trail is best suited for experienced riders and those seeking a more exhilarating ride.


If you're looking to combine history with your horseback riding experience, the Blue Loop Trail is a must-try. This trail not only allows riders to explore the natural beauty of the park but also takes them through historical sites, including remnants of the WWII-era Fort Custer. This trail covers approximately seven miles and offers a tangible connection to the park's past. Tread lightly and take in the history as you embark on this unique trail.


For riders who prefer a shorter but equally enjoyable experience, the Green Loop Trail is a great choice. Covering just under four miles, this trail offers a pleasant ride through the woods and meadows of Fort Custer State Park. It is an ideal option for novice riders or those looking for a relaxed and leisurely ride.


To ensure the safety and enjoyment of all riders, Fort Custer State Park has well-marked trails with designated horse entrances and exits. Additionally, there are ample trailer parking facilities, making it convenient for equestrians to transport their horses to the park.


Before embarking on your horseback riding adventure at Fort Custer State Park, it is essential to check the park's website or contact park officials for information on trail conditions, closures, and any necessary permits or fees.


Remember to come prepared with all the necessary gear, including well-fitting helmets, proper footwear, and appropriate attire. It's also crucial to bring along enough water for both you and your horse, as well as snacks or lunch for longer rides.


Whether you're a seasoned rider or new to horseback riding, Fort Custer State Park has a trail to suit your needs and desires. From scenic landscapes to challenging terrains, the park offers a variety of options that will satisfy any equestrian enthusiast. So grab your saddle, tighten your reigns, and head out to explore the best horse trails at Fort Custer State Park. You won't be disappointed.